KC Edventures Guide for Ages 9-11


Come explore a mini-town just for kids!  They can dress up and put on a play in the theater, visit the hospital, create some crafts at the fashion boutique or do some fishing and golfing in the park. 

Before Your Visit:

  • Consider seeing other exhibits at the Johnson County Museum - older kids will enjoy some of the interactive exhibits that show how the area grew and developed.

Explore KidScape:

Kidscape is a mini-town that kids love to explore:

  • Visit the Bookstore and read a book or two.
  • Play golf or go fishing in the Park.
  • Stop by the Hospital and take care of patients
  • Post Office - send a letter to the family
  • Farm - milk a cow and play farmer
  • The Boutique has crafts and is a great place to create
  • The Theater is a favorite of kids this age - let them work backstage, control the lights and put on a show


Learn More about Communities:

  • Check out some books about living in a neighborhood:


Discover More:

Other great Kansas City miniature towns to play at:

Additional Info

  • Toys, Hobbies & Play: Kids Museums

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Admission to the Museum    is Free but donations are requested