KC Edventures Guide for Ages 9-11

Powell Observatory

Would you like to see the moon and stars up close?  At Powell Observatory, kids can view the stars, moon and planets from both large and small telescopes.  Families can also visit with local astronomers to ask questions and learn about the nighttime sky.


Before Your Visit:

  • You will need a clear night with minimal clouds in order to view through the telescope - so check the forecast before you go.
  • Bring a jacket and bug spray.
  • Check the Powell Observatory schedule to decide which program would be most interesting – for young kids, choose one that highlights a topic they are familiar with such as the moon.

Explore Powell Observatory:

  • During the evening, enjoy a presentation on the night's topic in the classroom.
  • Make sure to stop at the two telescopes located outside of the observatory and view the objects in the night sky.
  • Climb the tall ladder to view stars, galaxies and other amazing things through the 30" Ruisinger telescope (which is one of the largest telescopes in our 5 state area!).
  • Throughout the evening, scientists set up their own telescopes and love to talk with kids.  Visit with them to learn about space - you might see another galaxy, or a double star!
  • Use your own eyes!  Since the observatory is located away from city lights, so many more stars are visible with the naked eye. 

Learn about Stars & Space:

 Check out our list for great books about space!


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