KC Edventures Guide for Ages 9-11

SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City

Have you ever had a stingray swim above your head?!  Or watched a horseshoe crab eat dinner?  You'll see this and so much more at SEA LIFE Aquarium.  Watch sharks, stingrays and eels - along with more than 5,000 other sea creatures.  Explore the animals in the touch tank, crawl 'into' and under a fish tank and learn some interesting facts about ocean animals and conservation.

Before Your Visit:

  • See our "Preparing for Your Visit" guide for details to know before you go.
  • NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY - we can't stress this enough as it can severly harm the animals.
  • If the kids are excited, take a look at videos from SEA LIFE of the rays and sharks.

Explore SEA LIFE in KC:

  • Grab a Quiz card at the front desk and stop at the fun stations throughout the aquarium.
  • The Shoaling Room has a current  that directs the fish in one direction - have your kids pick one fish and see if they can follow the fish all the way around the room.
  • The Freshwater Streams room is beautiful - it features fish from Missouri and Mississippi rivers along with a waterfall!
  • Kids will love reading the fish facts and info on the walls!
  • Stop at the touch tank with sea stars, horseshoe crab and urchins - try touching the pencil urchin to see what it does - talk to the Educational Specialists about why it behaves that way.
  • Watch the screen near the touch tank to learn about sea turtle conseration efforts.
  • There are lots of tanks in the Shipwreck Room - crawl underneath in one and get a magnified look at the lion fish in another.
  • Spend some time in the Underwater Tunnel looking for sharks and stingrays swimming overhead.
  • See the jellyfish tank - the fish facts about jellies are very interesting.
  • Stand on the glass platform over the tank in the Stingray Bay room and see the stingrays and eels swim below.  Fish in this tank are called 'Pork fish' - they make grunting sounds and grind their teeth.  There is also a tunnel that goes behind the tanks for a better view.
  • Don't forget to stop and see the seahorses - there's some great info about them too!

Learn More:

  • Play games, learn about marine animals and watch cool videos at the Kid's Ocean area of National Geographic Kids.
  • Fun printable with games and information about sea turtles.
  • A few book recommendations:

Got a kid who's a shark fanatic?  This is the book for them -- "The Everything Kids' Sharks Book" by Kathi Wagner is packed with facts, puzzles, activities & more!

Or, for a more informative look at many different types of sharks, along with a few jokes thrown in, try the "The Great Shark Escape" by Joanna Cole (a Magic School Bus chapter book).

And "All the Way to the Ocean" by Joel Harper is a great book that shows how everyone can help to keep the oceans clean, no matter how far away from one they may live.

Discover More:

  • Learn more about native fish and local waterways at Burr Oak Woods Nature Center.
  • Visit with other animals that live in water at the Kansas City Zoo, where you'll see otters, sea lions, alligators and a polar bear.

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Additional Info

  • Nature & Animals: Ocean Animals, Wild/Exotic Animals
  • Science: The Environment