KC Edventures Guide for Ages 9-11

Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure

Grab some apples or carrots and come out to feed the elk and bison!  Located right here in Kansas City, Fleming Park is home to these amazing animals.  The deer, elk and bison herds will come up to the fence to eat and visit. 

Before Your Visit:

  • Bring a camera for come great pictures!
  • If you want to feed the animals, bring some small apples or long carrots (with the green on top) and you can carefully feed them through the fence.
  • The animals have a large area in which they live so you might want to bring binoculars to in case they are in the back of the enclosure.

Explore the Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure:

  • Make sure to check the lake area and along the tree lines when looking for animals - sometimes they are in the shade.
  • Walk along the fence line to get a closer look.  Many times the animals are grazing or resting in the front of the enclosure.
  • Make sure to be respectful when visiting - don't litter, and don't scare the animals.

Learn More about Bison & Elk:

Discover More:

For more places to see native animals, visit:

  • Burr Oak Woods Nature Center
  • Kansas City Zoo

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Be Careful when feeding the animals!  This is one of those “feed at your own risk – use common sense” activities.  There is usually not a park ranger stationed here all the time.  

Kids should always be supervised by adults

Do not put your fingers (or anything else) through the fence.  And only feed the animals carrots or apples – help to keep them healthy!