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Kansas City Zoo

Elephant at Kansas City Zoo Elephant at Kansas City Zoo Pic by Jacquie

The Kansas City Zoo is a great place to visit animals both large and small.  You can see apes & chimps, a polar bear & sea lions, snakes & tigers.  Feed the lorikeets or the llamas.  Ride the train past the kangaroos, or take a sky-ride over zebras & antelope. 

Before Your Visit:

  • Wear comfortable shoes - you'll probably walk a lot.
  • Have the kids plan which animals they'd like to see.
  • Check the schedule for Lorikeet feedings and animal chats - kids this age would enjoy learning more details about the animals.
  • Bring a jacket or sweatshirt for the Skyride.

Explore KC Zoo:

  • Older kids like to see some of the larger animals, so head back to Africa and visit the elephants, hippos and lions - there's also some great smaller animals to see also. 
  • Take the Skyride over Africa to get a great view of the zebras, giraffees and rhinos from the air.
  • While in Africa, visit the chimpanzees.  In addition to watching them, make sure to read the exhibit information on the walls of the chimp building for some interesting facts about their activities and habits.
  • Check the guide for the times of the sea lion shows - they are really active and it's cool to learn how sea lions are different from seals.
  • If you'd like a close encounter with animals, attend one of the lorikeet feedings.  The birds will land on your arm and eat from a cup.
  • To see the tigers, kangaroos and apes, you'll need to head to Australia. 
  • Don't forget to stop and see Nikita, the polar bear, at the front of the zoo.  You can read about polar bears' habitats and how we can all help to save their homes.

Learn More:

  • For a fun, non-fiction book (and one familiar to kids), try the Magic Tree House non-fiction guides:


Kids will also enjoy "Thief at the National Zoo" by Carole Marsh (a cool mystery series).


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