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Ernie Miller Nature Center

Owls in Kansas City Owls in Kansas City

Spend an afternoon hiking the trails, visiting with the animals and taking a scavenger hunt at Ernie Miller Nature Center.  Kids will enjoy seeing birds of prey, salamanders, snakes and other native animals -- along with exploring nature.

Before Your Visit:

  • Visit the Ernie Miller website to find out about any special events that you may want to attend on your visit. 
  • If you plan to hike the trails, wear good hiking shoes and bring any needed items (i.e., sweatshirt, sunscreen, etc.).

Explore Ernie Miller:

  • Visit the homes of the 2 large birds that live outside the center before you enter the building.
  • Scavenger hunt sheets can be found in the front lobby - use this as you explore the center.
  • In the lobby, you’ll find some native salamanders and snakes – can you identify who lives there?
  • There's an outdoor courtyard in the middle of the main building – you will find some amazing owls.  Facts and info about the owls can be found on the windows of the exhibit.
  • Two types of turtles live at the center – a soft shell turtle and a hard shell tortoise.  Explore the hands-on exhibit that helps you learn about why turtles have different shells.
  • Visit the large fish tank, and the birding room that overlooks the outdoor feeding area.  The birding room has a number of nature items that kids can see and learn about while they visit.

Learn More:

  • Explore some great books about owls:

    There's an Owl in the Shower

    Borden does not like the spotted owls that cost his father his job.  But when he 'adopts' an abandoned owlet and tries to care for him, he learns a great deal about the conflicts between nature and industry.

    Nate the Great and the Owl Express

    When Nate the Great hits the rails to guard an owl named Hoot, all kinds of mysterious things begin to happen.  Can he solve the case of the vanishing owl?

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