KC Edventures Guide for Ages 9-11

Going Green

By this age, kids have learned a lot about why recycling and preserving earth's resources are important.  You may have a socially-conscious tween in your house, or one that loves to tell you facts and tips about how to be 'earth friendly'.  Listen to their ideas, help them to get involved in local and national activities and encourage them to learn more about their areas of interests.

The 3 R's At Home

  • If you recycle at home, ask your child to learn more about what can be recycled and where by visiting Recycle Spot for city-specific information.
  • Remind kids to limit their time in the shower.
  • Do a 'trash audit' at home - dump out your garbage and find out what you are throwing away that could be recycled.
  • Think about ways to reuse the water in your house - for example, extra water in your dinner glasses can be used in the dog's bowl or to water plants.  Can you collect water during your shower to use for anything?
  • Don't always turn on the lights - see if you can open the blinds/drapes and let more sunlight in the room first.


"Remake It! Recycle Projects from the Stuff You Usually Scrap" by Tiffany Threadgould - Kids will enjoy these creative ideas for reusing everyday items that may normally be trashed.  Lots of great ideas for room decor, ideal for this age group.

'Going Green' At School

  • Use a refillable water bottle at school and sports practices.
  • Walk or bike to school!
  • Get involved in your classroom or school's recycling efforts - ask your teacher or principal how you can help. 
  • Be careful with your school supplies so you can use them again.  If you don't need them, donate them to others who can use them.


"Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam and the Science of Ocean Motion" by Loree Griffin Burns shows how trash that's been thrown into the oceans has impacted our environment.  See how scientists and oceanographers are helping us learn to protect the seas and marine animals.


In the Community

  • If you can, walk or ride to sports practices.
  • Get involved in a 'clean-up day' at your school or local park - ask a parent, scout leader or teacher to help you!
  • When you outgrow some of your toys or bike, donate it to a local charity so younger kids might enjoy it too!

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