KC Edventures Guide for Ages 9-11

Learn about Money

Does your child spend their allowance as soon as they get it?  Or are they a 'saver'? Help your kids learn more about money (both saving it and spending it responsibly) with some books, online resources and a visit to the Money Museum.

Books & A Movie

An amazing story about how one small loan can change the lives of people.  "One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference" by Katie Smith Milway tells the story of a boy in Ghana who takes a small loan to buy a hen, and how that purchase changes the lives of all in his village.  Kids will learn about the concept of loans & microloans, along with the concept of how making a small investment can have a large outcome.

"Flat Broke: The Theory, Practice and Destructive Properties of Greed" by Gary Paulsen - Kevin has lost his allowance and starts a series of businesses in order to make money, but not everyone is thrilled with his business practices/schemes.  Lessons on money and business are integrated throughout this cleverly written fiction book.


"Show Me the Money" by Alvin D. Hall - Very colorful with sidebars, games and real-life examples that are relevant to tweens.  Kids will learn the basics of economics including things like cash flow, supply & demand, fair market trade, and ethics


Disney's "Schoolhouse Rock!: Money" gives kids a fun & musical introduction to some financial issues, such as the national debt, being responsible with money and spending.


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Explore Money in KC

The Money Museum

Visit the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City to see the Money Museum.  Discover hands-on exhibits and activities that teach kids about money and the economic system in our country.  While you're there, you can:

  • See an operating bank vault,
  • Kids can design their own money,
  • Try lifting a gold bar,
  • Get a look at $30 million dollars!

Check the Visitor's page for hours and information - admission to the museum is free.


Additional Info

  • Life Skills: Money & Finances