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Toy & Miniature Museum

Come and learn about all kinds of fun toys and games!  You’ll see dolls that grandma use to play with and planes that grandpa would fly when he was a boy.  Search through the lunch box collection and see if you can help Mom or Dad find one they use to bring to school. You’ll also see Star Wars toys, Barbie dolls and teddy bears…oh, my!

Before Your Visit:

  • Explain to your kids that there are some very cool things to look at, but you won't be able to play with most of the toys.

  • Read a book about collecting:

Explore Toy & Miniature Museum:

  • Dollhouses – children had to be very clever in decorating their dollhouses.  Look in the Victorian dollhouses and find items that children created using things from around their own house (yes, even kids in the 1800’s were into recycling!).  Search for items that we may no longer use in our homes today. 

  • Crazy over Star Wars or Barbies?  The museum has a huge collection of Star Wars toys and Barbie doll memorabilia from over the decades.  See if there’s any item in the gallery that your parents may have had as kids (or maybe still have in their own collection).

  • Play marble games in the Marble Room, and admire the 1,000,000 marbles in the museum’s collection – one of the largest in the world!

  • See Dolls from Many Nations and discuss the various countries that are represented. 

  • Dolls are a type of universal toy – they exist in so many cultures around the world, and have for many years.

  • Or visit the exhibit of games and wind-up toys to find out how many you recognize.

  • Don’t forget to pick up the museum's Scavenger Hunt to use during your visit.

Learn More:

  • Talk to your kids about starting or adding to a collection of their own.

  • Find out how the teddy bear got it's name and became a favorite toy by reading "The Legend of the Teddy Bear".

Discover More:

  • If you enjoyed the marble room, consider visiting Moon Marble to see how marbles are made and learn how to play marble games.

  • Check out this cool homemade dollhouse and furniture from FamilyFun.

  • When you return home, parents and grandparents might pull out old toys that they had as kids to show off.

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