KC Edventures Guide for Ages 6-8

Wonderscope Children's Museum

Explore a Lego® submarine and dress up like a diver.  Visit a hospital room where you can take care of babies.  Or create some art, shop at a grocery store and race golf balls down ramps & chutes.  There’s tons of fun in every room!

Before Your Visit:

  • Wear old clothes - there's water and an art room so be prepared.
  • Pack a snack - there's a great place to eat a snack.

Explore Wonderscope:

  • Farm to Market - kids will love to play farmer and grocer in this great area where they can learn how food goes from the farm to the store and to our tables. 
  • Ocean Adventure - dress up like a diver and explore this fun underwater world.  Crawl through a Lego® submarine, see the cool marine animals and check out the bathroom and the kitchen!
  • Ready, Vet, Go - become an animal doctor for the day!  Kids can wear a vet coat and explore what it would be like to be a veterinarian.  
  • Artworks - be creative in the art room - make a masterpiece or put on some facepaint!
  • Raceways - kids can learn about gravity and motion by playing with ramps, speed tracks and lots of balls.
  • Raceways - enter this cool room and you can't help but want to race golf balls down all the different slides and chutes.  Be careful - the balls sometimes jump off the tracks!
  • Visit the animals - don't miss the room that houses small animals, like snakes and lizards.  Kids enjoy seeing these up close.

Learn More:

  • Build some cool lego structures - here's a fun one for each month of the year from Family Fun.
  • Read a book about how food goes from garden to table:


Discover More:

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  • KidScape at Johnson County Museum

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Additional Info

  • Nature & Animals: Gardening, Reptiles
  • Toys, Hobbies & Play: Kids Museums
  • Life Skills: Cooking & Food, Gardening, Build Something