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Spend a morning or afternoon building & exploring at Legoland Discovery Center in Kansas City.  Kids will enjoy the two rides, cool 4D movie, building and racing Lego cars, taking a class from a Master Builder and playing in the HUGE play area!  You can see Kansas City built from Legos and play a game at one of the sports stadiums too! 

Before Your Visit:

  • Make sure you bring socks if your kids want to play in the HUGE playarea!
  • Check our 'Insider's Guide' for tips to enjoy your visit!
  • Food is not allowed in the exhibit, but they do have a cafe.

Explore Legoland Kansas City:

  • Lego Factory - The first room you visit show how legos are built.  Kids will enjoy the moulding and painting areas.  Make sure to get your height and weight in legos!  And grab your souvenier lego before you head on to the rest of Legoland.  You will not be able to re-enter this room once you leave, so don't rush thru!
  • Kingdom Quest Ride - A fun ride for kids this age - take the quest to save the Princess!  Five people can ride in one car, and each has their own 'laser gun' to earn points for fighting the trolls!  You will only be able to ride this once during your visit!
  • Duplo Village - a special area for babies and toddlers if you bring along younger siblings.
  • Miniland - Stop by to see Kansas City landmarks all made from Legos!  Watch the room as it goes from day to night - with some very cool changes!  Kids can also play some games at the sports stadiums, so keep an eye out!
  • Play Area - decorate with Police & Fire themes, this is an amazingly large play area where kids can climb, slide and swing.  Socks required!  Kids also must be between 3' and 4'9" in order to enter.
  • Lego Racers - Like to race cars?  Build and race your own lego car on a variety of race tracks.
  • 'Friends' Karoke - Girls will love this brightly decorated area, with pastel legos and a stage with microphones for karoke!
  • 4D Theater - Four different shows run every 15 minutes or so, all in 4D!  Be prepared for a fun experience - you can ask staff members about shows so you can see more than one of them during your visit.
  • Master Builder Academy - Spend some time learning from a Master Builder in this short class that's offered at various times throughout the day.
  • Merlin's Apprentice Ride - The second ride in Legoland takes you for a spin in the air - some restrictions will apply so read before you ride.
  • Lego Cafe - stop for a quick snack to re-fuel for more fun!

 Create with Legos:

  • Try creating some fun Lego structures - check our Fun with Legos board on Pinterest for some cool ideas!
  • Challenge everyone in the family to a Lego creation contest - see who comes up with the best idea!
  • Want even more ideas?  Check out the Lego Ideas Book:

Do you love to pretend?  Come and visit KidScape and you can pretend you're an actor, fashion designer, doctor or store owner.  There's lots to explore and do in our mini-town just for kids!

Before Your Visit:

Explore KidScape:

Kids will love exploring the different areas of the town -

  • Read some books at the Bookstore
  • Play golf in the Park
  • Take care of patients in the Hospital
  • Make a craft or create some drawings at the Boutique
  • Put on a show in the Theater
  • Play with the model of the town at City Hall
  • Post Office - send a letter to the family
  • Farm - milk a cow and play farmer

Learn More about Communities:

  • Check out some books about neighborhoods:


Discover More:

Other great Kansas City miniature towns to play at:

Explore a Lego® submarine and dress up like a diver.  Visit a hospital room where you can take care of babies.  Or create some art, shop at a grocery store and race golf balls down ramps & chutes.  There’s tons of fun in every room!

Before Your Visit:

  • Wear old clothes - there's water and an art room so be prepared.
  • Pack a snack - there's a great place to eat a snack.

Explore Wonderscope:

  • Farm to Market - kids will love to play farmer and grocer in this great area where they can learn how food goes from the farm to the store and to our tables. 
  • Ocean Adventure - dress up like a diver and explore this fun underwater world.  Crawl through a Lego® submarine, see the cool marine animals and check out the bathroom and the kitchen!
  • Ready, Vet, Go - become an animal doctor for the day!  Kids can wear a vet coat and explore what it would be like to be a veterinarian.  
  • Artworks - be creative in the art room - make a masterpiece or put on some facepaint!
  • Raceways - kids can learn about gravity and motion by playing with ramps, speed tracks and lots of balls.
  • Raceways - enter this cool room and you can't help but want to race golf balls down all the different slides and chutes.  Be careful - the balls sometimes jump off the tracks!
  • Visit the animals - don't miss the room that houses small animals, like snakes and lizards.  Kids enjoy seeing these up close.

Learn More:

  • Build some cool lego structures - here's a fun one for each month of the year from Family Fun.
  • Read a book about how food goes from garden to table:


Discover More:

Other great Kansas City places to explore with kids -

  • KidScape at Johnson County Museum

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Come and learn about all kinds of fun toys and games!  You’ll see dolls that grandma use to play with and planes that grandpa would fly when he was a boy.  Search through the lunch box collection and see if you can help Mom or Dad find one they use to bring to school. You’ll also see Star Wars toys, Barbie dolls and teddy bears…oh, my!

Before Your Visit:

  • Explain to your kids that there are some very cool things to look at, but you won't be able to play with most of the toys.

  • Read a book about collecting:

Explore Toy & Miniature Museum:

  • Dollhouses – children had to be very clever in decorating their dollhouses.  Look in the Victorian dollhouses and find items that children created using things from around their own house (yes, even kids in the 1800’s were into recycling!).  Search for items that we may no longer use in our homes today. 

  • Crazy over Star Wars or Barbies?  The museum has a huge collection of Star Wars toys and Barbie doll memorabilia from over the decades.  See if there’s any item in the gallery that your parents may have had as kids (or maybe still have in their own collection).

  • Play marble games in the Marble Room, and admire the 1,000,000 marbles in the museum’s collection – one of the largest in the world!

  • See Dolls from Many Nations and discuss the various countries that are represented. 

  • Dolls are a type of universal toy – they exist in so many cultures around the world, and have for many years.

  • Or visit the exhibit of games and wind-up toys to find out how many you recognize.

  • Don’t forget to pick up the museum's Scavenger Hunt to use during your visit.

Learn More:

  • Talk to your kids about starting or adding to a collection of their own.

  • Find out how the teddy bear got it's name and became a favorite toy by reading "The Legend of the Teddy Bear".

Discover More:

  • If you enjoyed the marble room, consider visiting Moon Marble to see how marbles are made and learn how to play marble games.

  • Check out this cool homemade dollhouse and furniture from FamilyFun.

  • When you return home, parents and grandparents might pull out old toys that they had as kids to show off.

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