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Go on a prehistoric 'edventure' at T-REX Cafe in Kansas City! Dine with the dinosaurs, spend some time digging up bones and exploring caves like a paleontologist, go on a scavenger hunt and visit with some extinct and not-so-extinct creatures!


Before Your Visit:

  • Prepare your child for the visit - there are life-size animatronic dinosaurs - they roar & move.  It's super cool but some younger kids may be a little frightened at first (bring a lovey if you think it will help).
  • Bring a camera - great photo ops!  You are welcome to explore the rooms (please be polite to other diners) to take photos with the dinosaurs.
  • There may be a wait during busy times so plan to have your child spend some time in the Paleo Zone to pass the time.


  • Consider attending an Educational Tour - kids will enjoy learning about T-REX "behind the scenes":
    • Tours are FREE and offered before opening from 10 am - 11 am seven days a week. 
    • Participants will learn about the sharks and fish in the tanks, learn about the animatronic dinosaurs and some of the 'special' features at the restaurant.


Explore T-REX:

  • Look at your menu for a Dino Scavenger Hunt!  While you're waiting for your food, explore the different rooms in the restaurant to find the dinos!  There are also some great puzzles in the menu booklet!
  • Kids LOVE the Paleo Zone!  For a small admission ($2.50) kids can:
    • Spend some time at the Dig Site excavating     dino bones,
    • Explore the gemstones and caves in Mining Mania,
    • Play computer games on the Paleo Screens,
    • For an extra cost, you can also visit Discovery Creek to mine for gemstones, minerals or fossils.
  • Stop by the shark tank and fish tanks to see who's swimming around.
  • Check out the different themed rooms - there's an Ice Room with a T-Rex skeleton hidden in the wall!  The Lava Room has a movie of an erupting volcano!  And don't forget to head upstairs so you can see the giant octopus and Woolly Mammoth! 
  • Visit the Build-a-Dino® area to see how you can create your very own stuffed dinosaur.
  • Browse the HUGE Dino Store for all things prehistoric!  Maybe some Tar Pit Slime or dinosaur school supplies?  Pressed penny machines are available too!

Learn More:

 Here are some great books that can be read before or after you visit:

"The Dinosaur Museum: An Unforgettable, Interactive Virtual Tour through Dinosaur History" from the National Geographic Society gives kids a behind-the-scenes peek into a museum.  You can explore specimens, act like a paleontologist and explore many interactive features in this very cool book!


"Digging Up Dinosaurs" by Aliki is a Step-into-Science non-fiction book that explains how dinosaur fossils were found and brought to museums.  Kids will enjoy the facts, humor and details found in this nicely illustrated book.


"Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?" by Bonnie Worth is a great book for kids who love to learn about dinosaurs but don't like all the realistic pictures.  As part of the Cat in the Hat Learning Library, this book introduces kids to various types of dinosaurs as they travel through time with Dick, Sally and the Cat in the Hat.

Discover More:

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