KC Edventures Guide for Ages 6-8

SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City

Kids will enjoy exploring the many tunnels, passages and rooms at SEA LIFE Aquarium.  Watch sharks, stingrays and fish swim over your head.  Learn some fun fish facts, hold a sea star or horseshoe crab, and discover more than 5,000 sea creatures during your visit.

Before Your Visit:

Explore SEA LIFE in KC:

  • Kids this age will love the Quiz Game stations located throughout the aquarium - pick up a card before your tour at the front desk.
  • The first room you enter is called the Shoaling ring - it's a huge tank that surrounds you and the kids will love seeing the fish swim in a full circle.  Have them pick one fish and see if they can follow it around the room as it swims!
  • Don't miss the indoor waterfall!
  • Stop at the touch tank in the Harbor Room to hold a sea star, horseshoe crab or sea urchin. 
  • Make sure you stop and read the walls with the kids - there are fish facts in every room (some are very entertaining).
  • Enter the Shipwreck Room and you'll feel like you've walking right into a scene from the movie "Finding Nemo" - check out the bubble tank - crawl inside to see the fish.
  • Kids will want to spend some time in the Underwater Tunnel and next to the large sea tank as they watch the sharks and stingrays swim.
  • Stop by the jellyfish tank and watch them as they 'change colors'.
  • Find the tunnel behind tank in Stingray Bay and you should get a good view of the moray eels.  There's also a glass platform above the tank that you can stand on and see the fish swimming below.
  • Don't miss the Seahorse tank - they are cool creatures!  Read about seahorses to see if the mom or the dad seahorse has the babies!
  • Stop at the play zone and sand table - there's also another 'bubble tank' in the last room that kids can crawl into.

Learn More:

  • Great printable coloring page that explains how trash in our neighborhood can reach the ocean and hurt marine life.

Create Your Own Ocean-scape

  • Create your own Ocean-scape to learn more about habitats and ocean zones.
  • Books are always a great way to kids to expand on what they see - try some of these fun & informative reads: 

"The Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor" by Joanna Cole takes the class on a trip through the ocean.  Kids will recognize a few friends from the aquarium, along with some new creatures too.

In "Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures" by Bonnie Worth, kids will travel through the various ocean zones and meet some of the creatures that live in each area.


Discover More:

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