KC Edventures Guide for Ages 6-8

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Walk through the sculpture garden, visit the gallery of Egyptian art and see a mummy, attend one of the family events, and have a snack at Roselle Court.  There's a lot to explore at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Before Your Visit:

  • Ask your child to pick a common object (such as flowers, cars, books) and see how many pieces of art you view that includes this object.
  • Use one of the Family Guides to the galleries during your visit.  This little booklet has some cool activities for kids to do during their visit.You can print them before you go or stop at the main desk to pick one up once you arrive. 
  • Bring a sweater - the museum can be a little cool at times. 
  • Make sure to get your tickets if you're going to visit one of the special exhibits.
  • Check the calendar for any tours or events you may want to attend.

Explore the Nelson-Atkins:

  • Sculpture park - view more than 30 sculptures in the outdoor park.  You can download an audio tour and explore an interactive guide.  The museum has nice audio content especially for kids.
  • Connect items with books - have your kids ever read a story about a mummy?  Or one with knights in shining armor?  The museum has a mummy, suits of armor and other cool items.
  • Go on a Mask Hunt - search the museum galleries for different types of masks (hint: check the American Indian, African & Contemporary art galleries)
  • Art from Around the World - explore items from Japan, China, Egypt, Greece, and many other countries. 
  • Paintings - visit the American or European Galleries to view colorful works of art.  Kids can look for familiar objects in the paintings, such as musical instruments, animals, etc. 
  • Current exhibitions - the Museum's Chinese Art Gallery is now open with some wonderful models and statues that kids will enjoy.
  • Family weekends - check out the great family events held each month.
  • Rozzelle Court - during your visit, stop for a cookie or lunch in Rozzelle Court, and enjoy the view from the balcony.

Learn More:

  • Once home, pull out a map and identify the different countries based on what your kids saw at the museum.
  • Read a book about art:

James Mayhew authors the 'Katie' series, a group of books where Katie visits the museum and then ends up inside various works of art.  "Katie Meets the Impressionists" introduces famous works of art from Money, Renoir and Degas.


"I SPY: An Alphabet in Art" is a fun and educational read that allows kids to play a fun game while learning about classic pieces of art.

Discover More:

  • Create your own works of art at Kaleidoscope.
  • View sculptures, photograghy and paintings at the Kemper Museum.
  • Tour the sculptures located around the JCCC campus or see artwork at the Nerman Museum.

    All images have been obtained with permission from the Nelson-Atkins online press room.

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    Additional Info

    • Historic: Egyptian, European, Medieval, Pioneer Times, Wars & Memorials
    • Music, Theatre & Arts: Architecture, Puppets, Theater
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    Check Museum Hours.  The Nelson-Atkins is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.