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Lanesfield School Historic Site

Do you like to play school?  Come and see what school was like in a one-room classroom.  You’ll find chalk tablets to write on, old desks to sit at, and a school teacher who will answer all of your questions about the games children use to play and how they got to school each day.

Before Your Visit:

  • Introduce your kids to the idea of a one-room schoolhouse by reading one of these great books.
  • Plan to have lunch while you're there - but eat like they would have in the 'olden days'.  Pack lunch in a pail, use cloth napkins, no plastic bags (wrap items in wax paper), and bring a cup for water.

Explore Lanesfield School:

  • Write on individual chalk boards, and if the staff allows, use an ink pen while sitting at an old school desk. (Be Careful – the ink will stain!)
  • Read the board to learn about some of the subjects that were studied at the one-room school.
  • Talk to the teacher (docent) at the school about what games kids used to play during recess, and how they kept the school warm in the winter.
  • Ask if you can ring the school bell!
  • Talk to your kids about how school here is different from where they attend school.
  • Bring a few $$ and visit the cute gift shop – small china dolls, school bells, pencils made from sticks, and other treasures used during the one-room school days can be found here for very reasonable prices.

Learn More About One-Room Schools:

  • Play games like kids in a one-room school would have done.  

Discover More:

Visit other one-room schoolhouses in the area:

Additional Info

  • Historic: Native Americans
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More Info

Attend one of the special events at Lanesfield School, such as Christmas celebrations, or a Living History day. 

The schoolhouse is open Fridays & Saturdays from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission is Free.