KC Edventures Guide for Ages 6-8

Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm

Come visit a farm and hotel that existed in the 1860’s.  You can ride a stagecoach, tour the buildings and the farm.  Visit during special events to help feed the animals, play games from long ago, or help in the garden.

Before Your Visit:

  • We suggest wearing sneakers as you will be touring a farming area and may want little feet covered during some of the activities.
  • Make sure to check the Events Calendar to see if there are any special activites you may want to attend.
  • Kids will enjoy a visit to the gift shop which offers some unique items and toys perfect for the time period.
  • ???onlinemap or anything/scavenger hunt?

Explore Mahaffie Farmstead:

  • Stop at the interactive kiosks in the Heritage Center.  Kids will enjoy playing with the blocks & chalkboards, dressing up like a pioneer, learning how letters were sent and sending a message on the telegraph.
  • Kids can help with farm chores (at a specific time/day??) such as feeding the animals, assisting with planting/harvesting, etc.
  • Ride the Stagecoach - always a highlight of the visit!
  • Tour the original house (that served as a hotel) and assist with cooking on the cellar stove (again, time/day)
  • Play some games (such as xx) located on the first floor of the Mahaffie Home.
  • Family Volunteer opportunities are also available!  Kids ages 6 - 16 (accompanied by a parent) can dress in period clothing and become part of daily life on the farm.


Learn More:

Try a few of these books to learn more about pioneer times:

Pioneer printable puzzles & games: http://homeschooling.about.com/od/freeprintables/ss/pioneerprint.htm


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Additional Info

  • Nature & Animals: Farm Animals, Horses
  • Historic: Explorers & Trails, Native Americans