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Toy & Miniature Museum

What are some of your preschoolers’ favorite toys?  Maybe dolls, or trucks?  Come visit and show your child what kinds of toys Mom & Dad played with when they were children.  Your kids can play some games in the marble room, and peek into huge dollhouses. 

Before Your Visit:

  • Prepare your kids for visiting a place where "we look more than we touch".  The museum has a lot to look at, but limited interactive exhibits.
  • Read a book about collecting items, such as this cute story:

Explore the Toy & Miniature Museum:

  • View all the huge dollhouses that are displayed throughout the museum. 
    Talk to your kids about which rooms are still found in our houses today.  Some rooms (like bathrooms) won't be found.  Look at the old furniture and accessories in the houses – there are many things your kids may not recognize – try to point out some of these items.
  • Play with the marble games and view the approximately 1,000,000 marbles in the museums collection.  Which is your favorite design?  This is one of the largest collections of marbles in the world!
  • One of the most cuddly rooms in the museum is the one that displays teddy bears, many of them well-loved.  Learn how teddy bears got their name, and choose which one is your favorite.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a museum Scavenger Hunt guide at the front desk and go on a hunt during your visit.

Learn More:

  • If your kids don't have a collection, suggest that they start one.
  • A great read-aloud for kids this age is a very fun story about three toy friends and their adventures:

 Discover More:

  •  Visit Moon Marble’s website to learn how to play marbles, the various types of marbles and other marble games.  
  • Once home, have kids ask parents or grandparents if they still have some toys from when they were younger – and play with them!

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