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Got kids who love to build with Legos?  Than a trip to Legoland Discovery Center in Kansas City will thrill them!  Kids will explore the many areas - from rides to a 4D movie to learning how to build from a Lego Master.  There's also a HUGE play area, Lego racers, an earthquake table and the Lego Factory room where you can learn how Legos are made.

Before Your Visit:

  • Make sure you bring socks if your kids want to play in the HUGE playarea!
  • Check our 'Insider's Guide' for tips to enjoy your visit!
  • Food is not allowed in the exhibit, but they do have a cafe.

Explore Legoland Kansas City:

  • Lego Factory - Kids can learn thought hands-on exhibits how legos are made!  You can also measure your height and weight in legos - great place for a fun photos! Pick up your own lego before you go to the next room!
  • Kingdom Quest Ride - Help Lego Knights to save the Princess on this interactive ride.  Younger kids should know that the ride is fairly dark, but very fun once you enter.  Aim for the targets to save the Princess and earn points. 
  • Duplo Village - If you have babies and toddlers with you, they will enjoy this fun area with large legos and a special playplace.
  • Miniland - An amazing room with Kansas City landmarks all built from legos.  Stay in the room as it changes from day to night (with some fun surprises)!  And make sure to stop by the sports stadiums where you can play games, like pinball.
  • Play Area - decorate with Police & Fire themes, this is an amazingly large play area where kids can climb, slide and swing.  Socks required!  Kids also must be between 3' and 4'9" in order to enter.
  • Lego Racers - build and race your lego car in this great racetrack area!  Lots of places to test your car.
  • Earthquake Table - stop by the table, build a structure and see if it can withstand an earthquake - push a button and watch the table shake!
  • 'Friends' Karoke - a colorful area with pastel legos, if you have a singer or performer in your family, they will love the karoke area where they can be a star!
  • 4D Theater - Four different shows run every 15 minutes or so.  The movies are 4D - meaning you will not only 'see' a cool show, but you will also 'feel' some fun things!
  • Master Builder Academy - take some time out of all the playing to learn some fun building tips from a Master Builder!  Workshops take place throughout the day - just stop by to join in!
  • Merlin's Apprentice Ride - Hop into a broomstick car and fly above the visitors at Legoland!  Kids must be at least xxx tall in order to ride (and read the restrictions before you enter).
  • Lego Cafe - Need a break and a snack?  Stop by the cafe area for lunch or a quick snack.  The cafe offers a Kids Lego box with sandwich, drink & chips (along with a surprise).

 Create with Legos:

  • Try creating some fun Lego structures - check our Fun with Legos board on Pinterest for some cool ideas!
  • Challenge everyone in the family to a Lego creation contest - see who comes up with the best idea!
  • Want even more ideas?  Check out the Lego Ideas Book:

Come play golf or try fishing, visit a bookstore, act on stage or pretend you're a doctor.  Located at the Johnson County Museum, KidScape is a mini-town for kids to discover.  Visit the different shops and business and encourage your kids to explore and play.

Before Your Visit:

  • Check the museum calendar to see if there are any events you want to attend when you visit - sometimes they have art sessions, playtimes or concerts.

Explore KidScape:

There are a variety of areas in the mini-town where kids can play:

  • Bookstore - check out some stories and relax for a while
  • Park - play some golf
  • Boutique - create art or make a craft
  • Theater - put on a show or be in charge of lights backstage
  • City Hall - pretend your the mayor and plan the town layout
  • Hospital - play doctor and learn about bones
  • Post Office - send a letter to the family
  • Farm - milk a cow and play farmer

Learn More:

Read your child a book about communities - here's a few they'll enjoy:


Discover More:

Other 'play' towns and places that kids can check out include:

Let your child pretend to be a vet, a gardener, or a submarine commander.  Come play in a Lego® under-sea world, create art and shop at a kid-sized grocery store.  They’ll have such a great time, they won’t realize how much they are learning!

Before Your Visit:

  • Dress in comfy clothes - kids will probably get wet, and possible a little messy - all part of the fun!
  • Pack a snack as there's a cute indoor eating area.

Explore Wonderscope:

  • Lego Ocean Adventure - put on a divers suit and flippers and explore the underwater world.  See sharks, octopus and other cool marine life made from Legos.  Enter a Lego submarine to see how divers would live underwater - check out the bathroom and the kitchen!
  • Ready, Vet, Go - if you love animals, than explore what it would be like to be their doctor.  Kids can put on a vet coat and learn what's it's like to take care of a pet
  • Artworks - make a collage, a creative piece of artwork, or put on some facepaint!
  • Raceways - kids can learn about gravity and motion by playing with ramps, speed tracks and lots of balls.
  • Farm to Market - teach kids where our food comes from by letting them play at the 'farm' and 'garden'.  Harvet the food, deliver it to the store and then play cashier. 
  • Water Play Area (H2Oh!) - float boats through channels you create, see what sinks and floats and have fun with water tables.
  • Visit the animals - there's a place that kids can view small animals, like snakes and lizards.

Learn More:

Discover More:

Other great places kids can visit, pretend and explore include -

  • KidScape at Johnson County Museum

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What are some of your preschoolers’ favorite toys?  Maybe dolls, or trucks?  Come visit and show your child what kinds of toys Mom & Dad played with when they were children.  Your kids can play some games in the marble room, and peek into huge dollhouses. 

Before Your Visit:

  • Prepare your kids for visiting a place where "we look more than we touch".  The museum has a lot to look at, but limited interactive exhibits.
  • Read a book about collecting items, such as this cute story:

Explore the Toy & Miniature Museum:

  • View all the huge dollhouses that are displayed throughout the museum. 
    Talk to your kids about which rooms are still found in our houses today.  Some rooms (like bathrooms) won't be found.  Look at the old furniture and accessories in the houses – there are many things your kids may not recognize – try to point out some of these items.
  • Play with the marble games and view the approximately 1,000,000 marbles in the museums collection.  Which is your favorite design?  This is one of the largest collections of marbles in the world!
  • One of the most cuddly rooms in the museum is the one that displays teddy bears, many of them well-loved.  Learn how teddy bears got their name, and choose which one is your favorite.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a museum Scavenger Hunt guide at the front desk and go on a hunt during your visit.

Learn More:

  • If your kids don't have a collection, suggest that they start one.
  • A great read-aloud for kids this age is a very fun story about three toy friends and their adventures:

 Discover More:

  •  Visit Moon Marble’s website to learn how to play marbles, the various types of marbles and other marble games.  
  • Once home, have kids ask parents or grandparents if they still have some toys from when they were younger – and play with them!

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