KC Edventures Guide for Ages 3-5

Science City

Is your child always asking you "Why?" Take a trip to Science City and show your child the answers to some of their questions. They'll learn about the science of music, play with water, dig for dinosaurs and so much more!


Before Your Visit:

  • Wear comfortable shoes - you'll be on your feet most of your visit.
  • Pack a snack or considering stopping for one.
  • Get there early!

Explore Science City:

There's a lot to see and do while you visit - try to slow your kids down long enough to explain some of the basic science to them as they explore.  Here's a few suggestions for preschoolers:

  • the Kinderlab - this is a great area where kids can build with blocks, play with puppets and trains, draw with chalk and explore books.
  • If you have a dinosaur fan, visit the Dino dig area - kids can wear goggles and use brushes to 'dig' up dino skeletons.
  • Take a walk through the cave and explore.
  • Stop by Melody Park and play some music.
  • Make sure to visit the animals and reptiles in the Animal Lab.
  • If you're not afraid of the dark, seek out the slide in the sewer system.

Learn More:

  • Read a few science books to explore various concepts:

Discover More:

  • Check your local library to see if they have any upcoming science programs for kids.
  • If you enjoyed the dinosaurs, visit the Natural History Museum at the KU campus in Lawrence.
  • Other places where young children can play, build and explore include Wonderscope and KidScape.

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Additional Info

  • Nature & Animals: Dinosaurs, Reptiles
  • Science: Astronomy & Space
  • Music, Theatre & Arts: Paintings
  • Toys, Hobbies & Play: Kids Museums, Playgrounds
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Hours & Admission

Science City is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.