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Powell Observatory

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; how I wonder what you are." Don't let your kids wonder any longer! Bring them to Powell Observatory to view the stars, moon and planets through some very powerful telescopes.


Before Your Visit:

  • Check the forecast – you will need a clear night with minimal clouds in order to view through the telescope.
  • Bring a jacket and bug spray.
  • Visit the Powell Observatory website to decide which program would be most interesting – for young kids, choose one that highlights a topic they are familiar with such as the moon.
  • If you have one, bring a 'red light' flashlight to help you see while walking around the grounds.

Explore Powell Observatory:

  • Ask your kids what they are interested in seeing – stars, galaxies, Mars – then visit the Powell Observatory website to decide which program fits your child's interests.
  • When you first arrive, listen to a short presentation on the topic of the evening (note: the info presented may be a little confusing to younger kids, but most presentations will have slides or photos the kids can view).
  • Prepare your kids for using the large telescope – the observatory needs to be kept dark, and they will need to climb a tall staircase/ladder.  Scientists will explain the process but some kids are not ready for the darkness.
  • Make sure to view the stars using the 2 smaller telescopes located outside of the observatory.  It may be pointed at a different object in the sky.
  • Stop and visit with the scientists and astronomers who bring their personal telescopes.  They are very knowledgeable and love to talk to kids and answer questions.
  • Be prepared for a great conversation on the way home!  You might view a galaxy, an old star who’s light has gone out or other amazing things.  Kids will come up with unbelievable questions – like “Do stars really die?”

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