KC Edventures Guide for Ages 3-5

Going Green

Kids are never too young to learn about the 3 R's - reduce, reuse & recycle.  There are many opportunities around the home, at school and in the community to get young children involved in going green and learning to be environmentally-friendly.  Try some of these ideas to get your preschoolers involved:

The 3 R's At Home

  • Assign your child the task of 'Chief Recycler' for the house.  Teach them what items can be recycled and where items are place for recycling (maybe in your recycling bin, or your home collection area).  Not sure what can be recycled?  Check out Recycle Spot to learn what can be recycled in your city.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Make sure the lights, tv, radios and other 'plugged-in' items are turned off when you leave the room.
  • When you take a bath, don't fill the water too high
  • Have some fun recycling - here are ideas for some great craft projects for kids using recycled items from Family Fun magazine.


"Michael Recycle" by Ellie Bethel is about a young boy who teaches people how to recycle - kids will love the idea of being a super-recycling hero like Michael.  Other books in the series take his adventures further.


    'Going Green' At School

    • When packing lunch for school, use containers instead of plastic bags.
    • If you live close to your school, consider walking or biking to school instead of driving.  Kids can burn off some energy before or afterschool, and you can save some money on gas!
    • Use both sides of the paper when coloring or drawing pictures.
    • Learn about recycling efforts that kids and families can assist with at school.


      "Joseph Had a Little Overcoat" by Simms Taback is a great example of how someone can reuse and item over and over - kids will love the 'see-through' pages.


      In the Community

      • Visit Farmer's Markets to buy fruits and veggies from local sources (local means that less fuel was used to get your food to your table).
      • When you go shopping, have your kids' adopt the job of remembering to bring canvas bags to the store (and return plastic bags to the store to be recycled).


    "Why Should I Save Energy" by Jen Green is one in a series of the 'Why Should I ..." environmental books for kids.  Provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by kids, along with fun illustrations.


    For more great ideas, try "10 Things I Can Do To Help My World" by Melanie Walsh.

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