KC Edventures Guide for Ages 3-5

Learn about Money

Your child may not be ready for a job yet, but that's no reason not to begin to teach them about money.  There are so many teachable moments when it comes to money and finances.  Visit these Kansas City locations for some fun learning.

Learning About Money

Many children's books discuss money, spending and saving.  Here are a few fun ones to read with your kids:


 "Bunny Money" by Rosemary Wells - how will Max and Ruby ever buy a birthday present for Grandma if they can't keep track of how they are spending their money?!  Teaches children about saving, buying for others and how quickly money can get spent if you don't pay attention.


"One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent" by Bonnie Worth from the Cat in the Hat Learning Library - kids learn about the history of money, what items have been used as money in the past and a simple look at banking.  Teaches children about the process of bartering and money across various cultures.



The Berenstain Bears' "Trouble With Money" & "Dollars and Sense" by Jan & Stan Berenstain - In the first story, Brother and Sister must find ways to earn money and save it for something they really want.  "Dollars and Sense" highlights that the bear cubs know what money can buy, but can't seem to manage their allowances.  Teaches kids about earning money, budgeting and the balance between saving and spending.


Explore More about Money


Discover Money in KC

The Money Museum

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is host to the Money Museum, a cool place to learn about money.  Kids are able to:

  • Design their own money
  • See if they can lift a gold bar
  • View how a bank vault works
  • Explore some interactive exhibits

Admission to the museum is free - check the museum's Visitor's page for hours and information.

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