KC Edventures Guide for Ages 3-5

Lanesfield School Historic Site

Come write on a chalk board and learn what it was like to go to school 100 years ago.  Explore a one-room classroom, and see if you can ring the bell to start the school day.  Learn what games children use to play before they had swing sets and slides.

Before Your Visit:

  •  Read a book about one-room schoolhouses, or watch an episode of "Little House on the Prairie".
  • Pack a lunch like they would take to school during pioneer times –

    • no lunch box (try a pail, box tied with rope or a handkerchief)
    • no plastic bags or containers either – wax paper was used to wrap sandwiches. 
    • food back then consisted of leftovers (like a slice of chicken or ham on bread) from dinner, fruit, and maybe a piece of cake or cookie that was left. 
    • add an old tea cup was used to drink water from the pump at the school.

Explore Lanesfield School:

  • Let your preschooler write on individual chalk boards and sit at an old school desk.
  • Talk to the teacher (docent) at the school about what games kids used to play during recess.
  • Ask if you can ring the school bell.
  • Explore some of the old school items that were used.
  • Talk to your kids about how school here is different from where they attend school.
  • Bring a few $$ and visit the cute gift shop – small china dolls, school bells, pencils made from sticks, and other treasures used during the one-room school days can be found here for very reasonable prices.

 Learn More:

  • After your visit, talk to your child about how life in a one-room school is different from their preschool or Kindergarten classroom.
  • Recommended Books:

Also browse our back-to-school booklist for fun school reads!

  • Spend an afternoon playing some old-fashioned games that the students played during recess:  hopscotch, marble, hide the thimble, statues, kick the can, or Rachel and Jacob. 

Discover More:

Visit other one-room schoolhouses in the area:

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Additional Info

  • Historic: Native Americans

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More Info

Attend one of the special events at Lanesfield School, such as Christmas celebrations, or a Living History day. 

The schoolhouse is open Fridays & Saturdays from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission is Free.