KC Edventures Guide for Ages 3-5

National World War I Museum

Have you ever stood next to an army tank?  Or looked through a periscope?  You can see them both, along with many other items at the World War I Museum.  Kids are able to view uniforms, planes and vehicles used during the war, along with enjoying some hands-on activities.

Before Your Visit:

  • Prepare your child by talking to them a little about war.  They may see some sad images at the museum, so you'll want to encourage them to ask questions.
  • Call the museum to see if the observation tower will be open the day you visit (it is sometimes closed due to weather).
  • Check out the museum's website to see what special events taking place.
  • Dowload the Museum's full-color Family Guide, with puzzles, map and a scavenger hunt for kids.

Explore the WW I Memorial:

  • When you enter the museum, you walk over a glass bridge.  Looking below, you will see a lot of red flowers (poppies). There are 9,000 of them and each one represents 1000 people who died in combat during the war; a total of nine million.
  • Check out the size of the cannons, guns and other items - things were very large during the first World War.
  • There is a great interactive trench exhibit - kids can peek in viewing spaces to see and hear what it was like to live in a trench.
  • Many kids will want to try the light tables - they can fly planes, create a poster and see the inside of a gun.
  • The museum houses a walk-through crater that shows what happened when a house was struck by a howitzer shell.  Ask your kids what they feel like when they stand in the crater.
  • There are some interactive exhibits - check out the perioscope they can look through.
  • Visit the top of the memorial for a great view of Kansas City.
  • Don't forget the scavenger hunt!

Learn More:

Kids of this age may like to read stories about brave animals from World War I


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