KC Edventures Guide for Ages 3-5

Harry S Truman Library & Museum

Come and learn about a President's life.  At Harry S Truman Library & Museum, you can dress like Harry & Bess did, make a campaign button, play some interactive games and make a sign with the famous "The Buck Stops Here" motto!  Your parents will also be entertained - they can see a replica of the Oval Office as it existed when Truman serve and visit some exhibits about life in the 1940's and 1950's.

Before Your Visit:

  • Visit the Truman 4 Kids page to find some fun games and activities that will help you introduce your kids to Harry Truman.
  • Check the Events Calendar before you go.

Explore Truman Library:

  • Walk through the disply on war and talk to kids about the photos and things like food shortages during wartime.
  • See the replica of the Oval office and explain to kids that it's very similar to where the President works in the White House.
  • Point out the 1940's kitchen display and talk about how it's different from your kitchen.
  • Kids will enjoy pressing buttons and listen on the phones at the Whistlestop Tour exhibit.
  • Make a paper desk sign with "The buck stops here" motto
  • Create a campaign button, write a letter & sort mail.
  • Dress-up like Harry & Bess in the reading & play area.
  • See a replica of the Liberty Bell out on the lawn of the museum. 

Learn more about Harry Truman:

  • Visit the Harry Truman Home and become a Junior Ranger by completing an activity book of fun puzzles & games.
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