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Shawnee Town 1929

Do you ever eat eggs for breakfast?  Do you know where they come from?  Would you like to see what they learned in school more than 90 years ago?  Come visit our chickens and sit in our school desks.  We have so much to share!  Shawnee Town 1929 is the only museum in Kansas City dedicated to the Roaring 1920's!  The interactive living history programs and tours will highlight activities of the farm and the town.


Before Your Visit:

  • Bring a picnic lunch or snack to eat on our beautiful grounds – picnic tables and benches galore!  Even a gazebo where you can be king or queen of the castle!
  • Most of the exhibits are outdoors so dress appropriately.  Kids will be able to explore by touching, hearing, and smell during their visit.

  • The kids may want to bring some money as there is a really nice gift shop on site with old time candy, toys and historic items that are all very reasonably priced.
  • Download the Museum’s Time Traveler’s Guide with puzzles, maps and a scavenger hunt just for you.
  • Call (913) 248-2360 to make reservations for groups of 10 or more.

Explore Shawnee Town 1929:

  • Take a walk on the wild side and visit with our chickens – learn about their favorite foods, what color eggs they lay and when they get up in the morning.
  • Pump water from the cistern and water the vegetables in the garden!
  • Play tag or just run for the fun of it in our fenced-in farm and town.
  • Send a post card to your grandparents or yourself at our.....!
  • Learn all about what kids did in the 1920s – games that they played and how they helped at home.
  • Visit our school and try your hand at reciting a poem or solving a puzzle.

Learn More:

  • Play some games that were popular during this time period.  Children enjoyed jax, hopscotch, checkers and tag.
  • Shawnee Town has some fun games that were popular in the 1920's -- print them to play at home!
  • Enjoy a few popular books from the 1920's:

The Velveteen Rabbit Published in 1922


When We Were Very Young Published in 1924

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