Ages 15-19 | Toys, Hobbies & Play

Roam through more than 35 rooms to find toys that you and your parents played with when you were kidsSee pictures painted on the head of a pin, and wonder in amazement - “How does someone do that?!”  View an amazing collection of miniatures, which are exact replicas of items that are made at 1/12 the normal size! 

Before Your Visit:

  • Check the museum's website to find out if there are any special events you'd like to attend during your visit.
  • The museum is located on the UMKC campus - explore the campus after your visit.

Explore Toy & Miniature Museum:

  • If you’re a doll fan (Barbie, American Girl, etc.), visit the huge assortment of dolls and see how they’ve changed over time.  Georgiana is one of the oldest dolls in the collection, dating back to the 1750s.  There’s also cloth dolls, paper dolls, baby dolls and china dolls.
  • A must is finding the microscopic viewer that shows the Lord’s Prayer painted on the head of a pin!  The fleas are cute too!
  • Stop and see the exhibit of games and wind-up toys in the museum’s collection.  How many of the games have you played in your life?
  • Many of the historical dollhouses give us a glimpse into how people in the past lived.  Make sure to view some of the unique features in the dollhouses:  gas for the lights, huge attics, and runny water.  Victorian dollhouses were used to help girls learn how to “keep house” and learn about domestic responsibilities.
  • Make sure you look up when touring the museum!
  • There are opportunities in the museum to view how miniatures are made.
  • The museum has one of the largest collections of marbles in the world – 1,000,000!  Visit the Marble Room to play games and view the collection.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a museum Scavenger Hunt guide and go on a hunt during your visit.

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