Ages 15-19 | Science

Do you ever stare at the night sky and wonder what's out there?  Take a trip to Powell Observatory to view the stars, moon and planets - you might see another galaxy or other cool celestial items.  The observatory has one of the largest telescopes in a 5-state area!

Before Your Visit:

  • You will need a clear night with minimal clouds in order to view through the telescope so check the forecast.
  • Bring a sweatshirt and bug spray.
  • Check the online schedule to see what program you might be interested in viewing.
  • Bring a 'red light' flashlight (if you have one) to help you see while walking around the grounds.

Explore Powell Observatory:

  • When you arrive, listen to a short presentation on the topic of the evening.
  • Assend the tall staircase/ladder to view the night sky through the 30" Ruisinger telescope. 
  • Make sure to view the stars using the 2 smaller telescopes located outside of the observatory.  They are pointed at different objects than the larger telescope.
  • Visit with the scientists and astronomers who set up their personal telescopes out on the lawn.  Again, they are usually focused on items different from the larger telescope.
  • View the night sky using the naked eye - without any city lights to 'cloud' your view, it's amazing how many stars you can see!

Learn about Astronomy:

  • Make your own Star Wheel to use at home for stargazing.
  • Listen to the podcast of the day at 365 Days of Astronomy.
  • Read a great fiction book about space --

Discover More:

  • Still curious?  Visit the Planetarium at Science City to learn more about space.
  • Or take a trip downtown and walk to 1-mile route of the Voyage Exhibition, a 1:10 billion scale model of the solar system (one of only 7 in the nation!).