KC Edventures Guide for Ages 15-19

SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City

Explore the habitats of sea creatures, along with conservation efforts to keep them safe at SEA LIFE Aquarium.  Walk through an underwater tunnel, view the behaviors of various animals and learn some curious facts about ocean animals.  You're tour will take you through more than 10 themed rooms that highlight the various types of sea animals that thrive in river and ocean areas.

Before Your Visit:

Explore SEA LIFE in KC:

  • The 360 degree tank in the Shoaling Room has a current that directs the fish in one direction - about 1000 fish will grow as they age so the tank will begin to look more crowded.
  • Stop at the indoor waterfall and learn about local fish from Missouri and Mississippi rivers.
  • The Harbor Room has animals that would be found in tide pools, bays and harbors - there's also a touch tank where you can hold sea stars and urchins.
  • Make sure to read the walls!  There are some crazy but interesting facts!
  • Great information about the turtle conservation efforts is located on display boards and television screens in the Harbor Room - learn how marine animals get to an aquarium.
  • Make sure to see the barracuda and the tank in the alcove area where you can catch some stingrays 'laying around'.
  • Visit the tanks in the Shipwreck Room - get a magnified look at the lion fish or crawl under one of the tanks for a different view.
  • You may want to stand in the Underwater Tunnel for a few minutes and see a shark or stingray swim over your head.
  • Take a few minutes at the jellyfish tank - make sure to read the fish facts about jellies!
  • Visit the tank in the Stingray Bay room - stand on the glass platform above the tank and see the stingrays and eels swim below.  There are 3 types of rays at the aquarium - these are cownosed rays and can be very active.
  • Seahorses are amazing to watch - and learn more about them on the display areas. 
  • Don't just rush thru the 'playzone' area - the little kids will be climbing but you should explore the two fish tanks in the room for a cool look.

Learn More:

  •  Discover a number of ways we can Reduce our Ocean Footprint and help save marine animals.
  • "Hold Your Water! 68 Things You Need to Know to Keep Our Planet Blue" by Steven Creech discusses water preservation and conservation, along with some great facts about the water we have on our planet.

Discover More:

Get up close with other animals in Kansas City - feed the bison and the elk at the Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure.


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  • Nature & Animals: Ocean Animals, Wild/Exotic Animals
  • Science: The Environment
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