Ages 12-14 | Science

Would you like to see the moon and stars up close?  At Powell Observatory, kids can view the stars, moon and planets from both large and small telescopes.  Kansas City families can also visit with local astronomers to ask questions and learn about the nighttime sky.

Before Your Visit:

  • Make sure to check the forecastyou will need a clear night with minimal clouds in order to view through the telescope.
  • Bring a jacket and bug spray.
  • Visit the Powell Observatory website to decide which program would be most interesting – for young kids, choose one that highlights a topic they are familiar with such as the moon.  Programs run from May thru the end of October.

Explore Powell Observatory:

  • Arrive early to enjoy a short presentation on the night's topic.
  • View the evening sky through the two telescopes located outside of the observatory.
  • Inside the observatory, climb the ladder to view celestial bodies through the 30" Ruisinger telescope (one of the largest in a 5 state area!).
  • Visit with some of the scientists who attend the evening programs and set up their own telescopes on the lawn - they are a wealth of knowlege and focus on items different from those you observed through the observatory telescopes.
  • Just look up!  Since there are no streetlights near the observatory, you'll be amazed at the number of stars you'll be able to see!

Learn about Stars & Space: 


Discover More:

  • If you enjoy watching the stars, you can also see some great shows at the Planetarium at Science City.
  • Or take a trip downtown and walk to 1-mile route of the Voyage Exhibition, a 1:10 billion scale model of the solar system (one of only 7 in the nation!).