KC Edventures Guide for Ages 12-14

Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure

Come and see animals native to our area that use to roam the prairies of the Midwest.  Fleming Park hosts a 110-acre enclosure that houses bison, deer & elk.  Walk right up to the fence to get an eye-to-eye view of these amazing animals.

Before Your Visit:

  • One of the best parts of visiting is feeding the animals - bring some small apples or long carrots (with the green on top) and carefully feed them through the fence.
  • Bring binoculars so you can see the animals if they are near the back of the enclosure.
  • Don't forget your camera for some cool photos!

Explore the Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure:

  • Sometimes the bison and larger elk hide near the trees - make sure to look near the lake and towards the back too. 
  • Walk along the fenceline to get a better look at some of the elk and bison that are grazing or resting near the front of the enclosure.
  • Make sure to be respectful of nature when you're visiting - don't scare the animals and please don't litter.

Learn More about Bison & Elk:

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