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Silver Tree Visual Arts offers tweens & teens the opportunity to become artists!  I love their motto -- "Not Crafts, Creative Thinking".  Kids can enjoy classes in painting, pottery or drawing; explore a new art technique, hone their artistic skills and find a place to create during the summer.  Birthday parties and seasonal events are also offered throughout the year!


Before Your Visit:

  • Check the schedule for dates/times of classes & events and be sure to register before your visit.
  • Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby or drop off students for classes; only students are allowed in the classrooms.
  • Kids will be involved in hands-on art activities so dress accordingly!


Explore Art Classes & Events:

  • A variety of classes are offered including:




  • At this age, students begin more independent projects and hone their art skills.
  • The instructor will guide students as they perfect the use of tools and mediums.
  • Art history will be introduced to students and they will continue to study the works of Master Artists in order to emulate their techniques.
  • Kids will work at their own pace and will also begin healthy class critiques of their classmates artwork.

  • A Gallery is hosted at the end of each session so kids can show off their work to family & friends!
  • Special classes can be arranged for children with special needs, scout troops, homeschool groups & private lessons.
  • Summer Camps offer a variety of opportunities to explore new art techniques!


Learn More about Art:

Older kids will enjoy this wonderful art series that delves into art history, techniques and famous artists --

13 Art Techniques Children Should Know


13 Art Mysteries Children Should Know


Discover Art in Kansas City:

For more fun places to explore art around Kansas City, visit these locations:

  • Kaleidoscope hosts free family art session throughout the year for creative kids!







Voted "One of the 5 Best Kids Theaters in America" by Time Magazine, the Coterie is one of the few Kansas City places where teens can experience live theater that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.  Each year, the Coterie does a nice job of offering shows that appeal to all ages.  Below, we highlight this season's shows for teens.

Before the Show:

  • We always recommend reading the book that's related to the show.
  • Find out if you can get extra credit from any of your teacher's for attending a show and writing a review for class.
  • If you're interested in acting, ask about the opportunities available with the Coterie Theatre.


Performances for 2014-2015:

The Coterie is performing plays for younger audiences this season however older kids may still enjoy these as they do a nice job of weaving humor into their shows.


Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

March 31, 2015 - May 17, 2015


So many antics to follow along with as The Cat, Thing 1 & Thing 2 entertain Sally and Dick for the day.  Based on the much loved children's book!


A Year with Frog & Toad

June 16, 2015 - August 2, 2015


A musical adaptation of the book series -- learn how their friendship endures through all types of weather and seasons!


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Your kids are never too old to have some fun and be creative!  Bring them to Kaleidoscope at Crown Center, a FREE hands-on art studio, and let them have fun painting with hot wax, coloring a variety of projects and exploring this unique place.

Before Your Visit:

  • Check dates & times of Family or Individual Sessions on the Kaleidoscope calendar.  Each session is approx. 45 minutes long.
  • Tickets are first come, first serve - get there early in the day to get tickets. 
  • Remind older kids that there will be smaller kids in the room, and it may be crowded - so watch where you're going :)

Explore Kaleidoscope:

Projects your kids will enjoy during their visit:

  • Spending some time in the dark room and painting with hot-wax that glows
  • Turn a unique picture that you draw into a puzzle using the puzzle-making machine.
  • Be creative!  Kaleidoscope has ribbon, die cuts, markers, papers and tape - let you mind run wild! 
  • Create a card for someone special - or a silly one for a friend..

Learn More:


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Learn More:
Discover More:

Explore both art and history when you visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum.  Walk through the sculpture garden, see some great exhibits, learn about some of the artists you’ve studied in school, and have a snack at Rozzelle Court or the museum cafe.

Before Your Visit:

  • Check the calendar for any special exhibitions you may want to see as some require tickets.
  • Bring a sweatshirt (the museum can be cool) and leave your backpack at home (or you'll have to check it at the door).
  • If you enjoy sketching, you can bring pencils and a sketch pad to the museum.

Explore the Nelson-Atkins:

  • Sculpture park - It's always fun to walk through the garden.  Make sure you use the mobile audio guide or pick up an mp3 player and listen to the audio tour. 
  • Egyptian art - visit the Ancient art gallieries and view art and sculptures from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.
  • Photography - if you love taking pictures, you'll really like exploring some of the photo galleries.
  • See Something from History Class - you've studied tons of history, so now visit the museum to see some great items that are connected to what you've learned.
  • Modern & Contemporary Art - modern art comes in so many forms and the museum has some really cool pieces! 
  • Current exhibitions - make sure to visit the newly opened Chinese Gallery where you can see a recreated temple exhibit.
  • Explore the Cafe - the Creative Cafe has hands-on interactive art on their computers, along with some unique and cool ways to explore art.
  • Snack at Rozzelle Court - don't forget to grab a snack and check out the balconies.

Learn More:

  • You may also enjoy a book with a museum/mystery theme like these:


 All images have been obtained with permission from the Nelson-Atkins online press room.

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