KC Edventures Guide for Ages 12-14

Going Green

Many teens will take Biology or Earth Science at school - both are classes that will introduce environmental issues in depth.  Make sure to talk to your teen about current news stories and local efforts.  And be sure to support their interests if there is an earth-friendly project or idea they want to pursue.

The 3 R's At Home

  • If you recycle at home, ask your child to learn more about what can be recycled and where by visiting Recycle Spot for city-specific information.
  • Remind kids to limit their time in the shower.
  • Do a 'trash audit' at home - dump out your garbage and find out what you are throwing away that could be recycled.
  • Think about ways to reuse the water in your house - for example, extra water in your dinner glasses can be used in the dog's bowl or to water plants.  Can you collect water during your shower to use for anything?
  • Don't always turn on the lights - see if you can open the blinds/drapes and let more sunlight in the room first.

'Going Green' At School

  • Use a refillable water bottle at school and sports practices.
  • Walk or bike to school.
  • Get involved in your classroom or school's recycling efforts - ask your teacher or principal how you can help. 
  • Be careful with your school supplies so you can use them again.  If you don't need them, donate them to others who can use them.
  • Only take one napkin at school (or when eating out) - any more than that is a waste of paper.


"Heros of the Environment" by Harriett Rohmer tells the stories of 12 people across North America who have achieved amazing environmental feats!  The concept of 'think globally, act locally' is inspiring to teens who are concerned with our earth.

In the Community

  • If you can, walk or ride to sports practices. 
  • Try to talk to teammates and friends to arrange carpooling with your parents when possible.
  • Get involved in a 'clean-up day' at your school or local park - ask a parent, scout leader or teacher to help coordinate it.
  • Take gently used clothes to local resale stores or donate them to a charity.
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