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National World War I Museum

Come and see the country’s only World War I Museum!   You can hear what wartime was like in one of the audio rooms, view an amazing panoramic movie area and see ammunition used during the Great War. The museum shows how both men and women helped during the war.

Before Your Visit:

  • If you're interested in seeing the Observation Tower, call the museum to make sure it will be open (it does close in inclimate weather).
  • By this age, most students have learned about various wars.  Ask your child what they would be interested in viewing at the museum.
  • Explore the Great War site from PBS to learn about the key events, timeline and battles from WWI.

Explore the WW I Memorial:

  • You will see 9,000 poppy flowers under the glass bridge as you enter the museum.  Each flower represents 1000 people who died in combat during the war; a total of nine million.
  • There are extensive displays of swords, guns and artillary which allow visitors to see how large items were during the first World War.
  • The trench exhibit is a great place to see and hear what soldiers experienced as they lived and fought from trenches.  This is a must see at the museum!
  • A panoramic movie area showcases not only a movie, but a great display of wartime events.
  • Interactive light tables allow you to create flight plans for airplanes, create your own war poster, seee the inside of a machine gun and think about how camouflage can be used.
  • A walk-through crater exhibit shows the results of a howitzer shell strike.  Ask kids what they feel like when they stand in the crater.
  • Visitors will see many displays of military uniforms, vehicles, and a nice exhibit area that highlights medical supplies and a hospital tent.

Learn More about WWI:

There are some excellent books that teens will enjoy reading. 

Archie's War

"Archie's War" is a comic book/scrapbook that shows how the war impacted the life of a 10-year-old boy and his family.

Lord of the Nutcracker Men

"Lord of the Nutcracker Men" is the story of a boy who carves wooden soldiers based on the letters he receives from his father, who is fighting in the war.

When Christmas Comes Again

"When Christmas Comes Again" is a historical fiction diary of a french-speaking American girl who assists with the war by operating a switchboard on the Western front.

War Horse

"War Horse" is a story of a horse and his owner, who are separated during the war.  It's also been released as on DVD after being made into a movie in 2012.

The Letter Home

Although it's a picture book, "The Letter Home" is a moving account of a medic who writes a letter home to his son describing his experiences during the war.  A quick but powerful read.


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Wednesdays all tickets are $7 - no coupon needed.

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