KC Edventures Guide for Ages 12-14

Lanesfield School Historic Site

Find out if kids who attended one-room schools still had PE, music and art classes.  Could boys and girls work together on school projects in the early 1900s?  Learn how long the schoolhouse was used for classes, how many students attended during the year and why it was closed.

Before Your Visit:

  • Before visiting, read the Rules for Teachers in 1872 from One Room Schoolhouses - ask your kids if they think they could have followed these rules.
  • If you enjoy geocaching, bring your GPS or cell phone with app - there is a coordinate on the trail next to the schoolhouse.
  • The schoolhouse is located on unpaved roads so drive accordingly.

Explore Lanesfield School:

  • Ask the staff if it’s possible to use an ink pen to practice the cursive letters shown on the board.  Kids will find it’s very time-consuming to write this way.
  • Read the board to learn about some of the subjects that were studied at the one-room school.  Spelling, recitation and writing were frequently practiced.  How is this different from what we learn in school today?
  • Talk to the teacher (docent) at the school about what older kids learned when they attended the one-room school.  What was done to prepare them for college?
  • Find out why the one-room school stopped being used, and in what year?  Does this surprise you and your kids?
  • Ask the docent or school marm:  Did students in one-room schools have access to resources for research, music, art?
  • View the items on exhibit in the visitors center – notice the types of books that were used, the requirements of a one-room school teacher, and the responsibilities of students.
  • Visit the gift shop for some unique, nostalgic items – one of our favorites is the pencil made from a tree branch.

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