Winter Scavenger Hunt printable list

Winter Scavenger Hunt printable list

Use this free printable Winter Scavenger Hunt list to explore seasonal changes in nature!

My kids will be the first to tell you that no matter the weather, we get some outdoor time every day.

It's definately more of a challenge during Winter -- the colder weather and being all bundled up puts a little kink in tree climbing and some of our animal observations but there's still a LOT you can explore.

Challenge your kids to get outside this week with this free Winter Scavenger Hunt list and learn how much happens during the cold weather!

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11 Olympic Activities and Crafts for Kids

11 Olympic Activities and Crafts for Kids

Enjoy learning about the 2018 Winter Olympic Games with these kids' activities!

It's hard to believe that it's time for the Olympics again!

This year, the world will be watching all the winter activities in PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

It's a great opportunity to introduce something new to the kids -- maybe a new winter sport or a quick tour of the globe to find the location of PyeongChang. 

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25 Snow Day Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy

Enjoy these fun indoor & outdoor activities for your next snow day!

Like so many others, we are having a 'snow day' this week (actually, it's an ice day today but who knows what tomorrow might bring -- my kids are hoping for a repeat performance :).

You can't go out much (really, driving is horrendous) and it's not like you had time to plan ahead since snow days are always a surprise. 

But that shouldn't stop you from having some fun today and even creating a few memories.

Here are a few creative ways to spend the day without going crazy from cabin fever!

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Indoor Winter Games for Kids: Holiday Charades or Pictionary {w/free printable}

Enjoy some time inside with these fun holiday & winter themed charade or pictionary games for kids and families!

This week, I've realized that winter is coming. 

Scratch that – winter is here (at least in most of the country). 

The temperatures have dipped so low that getting outside is sometimes difficult even for a nature loving girl like myself.

So it’s always good to have some fun indoor activities ready & waiting – great for rainy days or frigid temps! 

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Winter Craft & Science: Nature Art with Ice

Winter Craft & Science: Nature Art with Ice

Enjoy this easy Winter craft that combines science, nature & art -- perfect for kids of all ages!

I'll be the first to admit that once Winter sets in, looking for ways to incorpation nature into our day becomes more of a challenge. 

There's always that excitement for the first snow fall when we can head out and explore for animal tracks or make a snowman but everything is so bare and mostly colorless at this time of the year.

That is, unless you take nature into your own hands, add in a little science and create a colorful craft for your window (which is exactly what we did when the temperature dipped last week)!

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15 Fun Things to do Outside this Weekend

15 Fun Things to do Outside this Weekend

Fall is in full swing and Winter is at our doorstep but that's no reason to hibernate like many of our animal friends do at this time of the year.

There are still LOTS of ways to enjoy some time outdoors and it's especially important during these shorter days. 

So this weekend, grab your favorite sweater and hit the great outdoors with these fun ideas!

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30 FREE Printable Winter Games & Activities

A great list of free printable indoor games & activities for those days when you can't get outside!

Today's round-up of FREE printable Winter games & activities is not only a resource for the next few months but also one of those posts that came about as the result of desperate times.

I'm currently sitting on our couch looking out the window at the GORGEOUS snow fallling. 

The flakes are those big, soft ones that float down and make everything look like a winter wonderland.

And it's so quiet and peaceful ...

... right now, that is.

Because I know this is the calm before the storm (literally!) -- the coming weeks will be full of more indoor time than outdoor time for so many of us. 

Which means it's time to get prepared -- and I've got your back!

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33 Winter Fun Things to Do: Indoor & Outdoor Activities for Kids

The kids are out of school -- time for a master list of fun things do in Winter to keep them busy!

Whether you're looking for indoor activities, fun things to do outside or a few unique ideas for your winter vacation -- these ideas are sure to please, easy to do and will keep your kids thinking & creating on those long winter days.

We even have some fun ways the kids can pitch in and help kick-start some organizing for the New Year!

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Winter Science Experiment: How Much Water is in Snow?

Winter Science Experiment: How Much Water is in Snow?

Winter is the perfect time for an easy snow science experiment!

My family will tell you that I'm an amateur weather buff -- I like to observe what Mother Nature dishes out to us :)

While watching the Weather Channel one morning, the forecaster was talking about the rain/snow ratio -- basically 1 inch of rain would be equivalent to 13 inches of snow.


So I thought it would be interesting to test this during our next snow.

We only had to wait a week for Mother Nature to cooperate and send us a few inches of good snow!  Which I know is not the case elsewhere this year (apologies to our friends up North & back East who could probably fill up their bathtubs with it by now!).

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20 Fun Island Activities for Kids

Right now, it's 2 degrees outside and I am *wishing* for a day at the beach.

Anyone else with me?

There's nothing more fun that turning a day on its heels and just totally doing the opposite of what's around you.

Like 'visiting an island' instead of shoveling snow off the driveway :)

Not to mention, it's fun to interject a little sunlight into these long, cold winter days.

So close the shades, ignore the winter weather and host an Island Day with the kids.  We've got movies, books, activities and some fun food ideas that will have you basking in the sun in no time!


Island Activities for Kids

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14 Wonderful Winter Books for Kids & Teens

We knew it would arrive at some point - colder temps are upon us.  In our house, cold weather is synonymous with curling up with a good book (or two!). 

There's just something about a classic winter book that screams 'grab a blanket and cuddle up on the couch'. 

We enjoy a variety of stories at this time of the year and there's a little something for everyone on this winter book list -- fun read-alouds for the whole family, non-fiction books that share the science of snow, chapter books that tweens & teens won't want to put down and beautiful picture books that transport the reader into a winter wonderland!


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Artic Book and Craft Activities


Well, we're getting another winter storm tonight.  Obviously the cold weather is going to hold on a little longer.  So instead of shaking my head, I thought I would embrace the idea of winter with a few fun ideas that were shared at last week's Discover & Explore linky.

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Explore the North and South Pole: Books about Polar Animals

Today we are exploring the ends of the Earth (literally!) 

If you enjoyed penguin books & resources, you'll LOVE this list of books that feature all types of polar animals!

Most of us will never have the opportunity to visit the North or South poles.  The media frequently shares numerous stories about how changes in our environment are affecting the habitats of animals that live at the poles.  And scientists continue to study both the climate and animal behaviors at both ends of the earth.

I don't know about you but not being able to visit a location usually seems to pique my curiosity.  So we turn to other ways that we can learn about the area -- books and hands-on activities!

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Penguin Unit Study: 17 Books & Activities for Kids

Penguin Unit Study: 17 Books & Activities for Kids

Kids will love learning about penguins with these activities, books and lesson plan ideas -- you'll find TONS of information for a unit study or penguin project!

Who loves penguins?! 

Those adorable and quirky birds are intriguing to so many of us. 

Our local zoo just opened it's new pengin exhibit so we are thrilled to be able to see the penguins up-close. Both of my kids adore marine animals (I think it must be hereditary as mama is also a big fan ;)

We visited over winter break and watched the penguins swim and dive - they sure can be mesmerizing creatures!

So in honor of our newest local residents, I thought I would share some of the books & resources we've used to explore penguins.

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Exploring Animals Tracks in Winter


My kids are not big on going for a walk unless there’s a cool reason for being outside.  For example, a walk to the playground is acceptable but a walk around the block is met with some whining at our house.

So in an effort to get them some additional outdoor time AND include something fun to do, we decided to take a winter walk and scout out animal tracks. 

You can also do this after a rainy day (look in the muddy spots) or on a beach walk (sand is a great place to find tracks).  Personally, I love seeing a new white canvas of snow and jump on the opportunity to go explore who else might be out walking that day.

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