20 DIY Outdoor Science Experiments

20 DIY Outdoor Science Experiments

These easy outdoor science experiments turn your backyard into a giant science lab!

As you can tell by our collection of science experiments & activities for kids,  we do many of them right in our backyard. 

This wasn't always the case -- in fact, it came about quite by accident but we now LOVE creating easy outdoor science activities!

Here's how it all began ...

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Taking the Stress out of College Life with Amazon Prime Student

Taking the Stress out of College Life with Amazon Prime Student


As you may remember from our 48 Things Kids Should Know Before they go to College, our oldest started college last year.  As a parent, it's these moments when you hold your breath and think "did we teach him the skills he needs to succeed?"

The months and years of showing him how to use a planner, sort laundry, communicate with teachers, make good choices  -- here's where 'the rubber meets the road', right!

Well something must have sunk in from all those discussions because he actually TAUGHT me something this past year :)

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Quick & Easy Fundraising Activity for Schools

If you have kids in school, I'm sure you know school fundraisers are a big deal!

The goal, of course, is to find a quick & easy fundraising activity that doesn't take a lot of time for families to do and in my opinion, should allow the kids to get involved in fundraising efforts without having them go door-to-door.

We're always look for more practical fundraisers because honestly, how much frozen cookie dough can you really keep in the freezer?!

Since we're not crazy over the idea of selling items, we love to support our schools through the Box Tops for Education™ program  -- it's super quick, really easy and I'm going to show you a few secrets on how to double & triple the value of the Box Tops for your school this year!

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Recycle End of Year School Supplies for Back to School

Have your kids started their countdown for the last day of school yet?

The clock is quickly ticking away at our house!

And I adore that last day of school -- all the excitement about summer, the hugs for the teachers, our special end of school traditions and the kids knowing they are "one year older" in school years ;)

But I do dread all the end of the school year stuff that comes home with them -- stuffed in an "I-just-couldn't-get-it-zipped" backpack and overflowing brown paper bag.

They run into the house carrying that huge lot -- their whole desk or locker just dumped in it (UGH!) -- and it just spills out on the floor, quickly forgotten.  

So before they ditch their school supplies and reach for their bathing suits, have them follow these quick & easy steps that will save you time & money come Fall!! 

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Aulani: 9 Must-Do Activities at Disney's Hawaii Resort on Oahu

Awesome tips & secrets for staying at Aulani, Disney's Hawaii resort on Oahu!

After a few years of planning and saving, we were able to take a trip to Hawaii this year -- yes, it was amazing! 

We had accumulated enough Disney Reward dollars to stay at the Aulani Resort in Oahu on our first night on the island and it was one of the BEST decisions we made on the trip! 

Being able to stay at an all-inclusive resort and not have to worry about grocery shopping or driving to any activities for the first day after that long plane trip meant a great start to our vacation.

Here's what you need to know if you're heading to Disney's Aulani resort, especially if you're only staying for a short time --

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10 Things to Stock Up On For Summer

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  Before you know it, school will be out and the kids will be home looking for things to do. 

Before we hit those long summer days, I like to be ready for all our activities.  We enjoy being outside quite a bit and always fit in some fun ways to learn thoughout the summer so I thought I would share a list of great items to have on hand as you prepare for a fun (and low-cost) summer. 

Many of these items can be found at garage sales, consignment stores or the $1 bins at Target which can help save you money for that summer vacation you're planning ;)


10 Great Things to have on hand for Summer Fun

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3 Reasons to Shop Kids Consignment


We've always been big fans of shopping (and selling) on consignment!  Let's face it, the kids outgrow clothes quicker than they can eat a cupcake on most days.  So when it comes to play clothes or seasonal items that won't be worn very long, I like to save money and find good, used clothes.

If you've never shopped at a kids consignment sale or consignment store, consider these 3 great reasons to try it this year!

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