14 Easy Valentine Box and Card Holder Ideas

14 Easy Valentine Box and Card Holder Ideas

Fun ideas for unique and easy Valentine Boxes that are the perfect way to hold cards & candy from class parties!

Sometimes I think it's the minor holidays that might put me under as a Mom!

Take February for example, either I'm trying to find 100 items for the kids to bring for the 100th day of school or I'm wondering how it is that EVERY set of boxed valentines includes 24 cards when my kids ALWAYS have 26 kids in their class.

I solved that last challenge by finding a great selection of Free Valentine Cards for Kids that you can print yourself -- as many as you'll need :)

Now for the next challenge -- coming up with a great idea for the Valentine Box! 

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Halloween Mystery Touch & Feel Game

Halloween Mystery Touch & Feel Game

Kids (and adults!) will love this fun Halloween game -- create your own DIY touch & feel mystery box or bags!

I wanted to create something easy but fun for the holiday with a little spooky but not to scary.  Mystery touch & feel boxes or bags are just the ticket!

I promise they are not so creepy (even though you could easily make it spookier if you'd like) -- it's always the anticipation that gets kids as they slooowwwly put their hand in the bag wondering what it will feel like.

This is so simple to do and such a fun activity for parties, trick or treaters or even as a Hallowen science experiment. 

And I bet you have what you need right in your house (just add the free printable tags we have for you below ;)

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Go BIG! Life-size Games & Art Activities that Make Kids Say "WOW!"

Have you ever noticed that normal sized things are boring for kids?

"Want pancakes this morning?" and all I hear is  "Ok."

But if I ask "How about a pancake the size of your plate?", then I hear "AWESOME!"

Yep, size matters to kids ;)

They LOVE things that are super big or super small -- small world play is always a huge hit and creating BIG art is something they can do for hours.

So in keeping with our 105 Ways to Make Memories with the Kids without Spending a Dime theme this summer, we are introducing some VERY BIG activities the kids will really enjoy!


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20 Fun Ways for Kids to Bring in the New Year

Young kids always have high hopes for staying awake until midnight on New Year's Eve (and ours did make it ONE year ;)  But more than that, kids love to countdown the hours until the next year!

Sometimes we'll celebrate New Year's Eve with friends and other years we'll do a family-friendly New Year's Countdown.  However we celebrate, we always include some fun activities, a countdown and hats! 

Really, what's New Year's without some crazy hat ;)

If you think about it, the coming of a New Year is a pretty big thing -- a year is a really, really long time when you're younger than 12!  For us adults, the year seems to fly by :)

New Year's Eve is the perfect time to recap all the great things that happened the previous year -- think about all the fun things the kids have done for the first time, see how much they've grown in the last 12 months, go through all those photos you still have on your phone and share some memories together.

It's also the perfect time to ask the kids what their hopes and dreams are for the coming year -- I'll bet you'll be surprised as some of the things they reveal.

In honor of the coming year, here are 20 fun ways you can help the kids bring in 2015 -- from crafts to family games and even some wonderful ways to capture all the special memories from last year.


Fun things for kids to do on New Year's Eve

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A Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods Birthday Party

My daughter is a HUGE fan of the Percy Jackson books.  She began reading them two years ago and has continued to be fascinated with Greek Gods and mythology ever since. 

So for her 10th birthday party, she wanted to plan a Percy Jackson celebration.

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Hosting a Kid-friendly Olympic Themed Party

The Olympics are fun for everyone to watch - kids included - so why not have an Olympic-themed party this summer!

Thanks to Angie, a great mom & party planner, here's a great way to get your kids more involved during the Olympic Games with some outdoor activities and spirited fun!


Olympic Party for Kids

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