10 Documentaries & Animated Movies for Earth Day

10 Documentaries & Animated Movies for Earth Day

These 10 animated movies, feature films & documentaries for families, children & the classroom are perfect for Earth Day or teaching kids about environmental themes and issues!

Our kids were born into a world of endangered animals and environmental issues.

They will grow up recycling, reducing their carbon footprint and learning how to preserve natural lands and protect animal species.

But some of the environmental issues we face -- climate change, biodiversity and conservation -- can be difficult to explain to children. 

While we can teach our children to recycle, conserve natural resources and tread lightly on the land, many of these global issues will be better understood as they get older.

However, it's important to introduce how kids can make a difference in the world at a young age.  One easy way to begin the conversation is to use great kids movies - animated, feature films & documentaries - to help them learn about a variety of environmental issues.

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18 Awesome Ocean Activities for Kids

18 Awesome Ocean Activities for Kids

We are going under the sea today to explore ocean zones , marine animals and more with these amazing STEM ocean activities that are perfect for a little summer learning!

The underwater world is so intriguing to kids (and adults for that matter :)  There's so much we don't yet know about the ocean and it's contents which makes it the perfect subject to intrigue young minds.

If your kids are fans of whales, sharks and the big blue sea, try a few of these hands-on ocean science activities -- perfect for kids of all ages!

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Layers of the Ocean Habitat Project: Under the Sea Science

Layers of the Ocean Habitat Project: Under the Sea Science

Learn about oceans zones and layers of the sea with this hands-on animal habitat science project!

Every summer, we seem to gravitate toward ocean science projects and learning about the various ocean layers and animals .

My kids have always been fascinated by ocean animals -- probably because we hardly get to visit any large body of water :) 

But this year, we'll be vacationing at the ocean! 

So we are very excited and doing some fun learning activities before our trip.

Today's activity focuses on some under-the-sea science questions that will help your kids understand the five layers of the ocean, who lives there and how light travels -- and it's one amazingly beautiful project!

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8 Awesome Ocean Animal Books & Crafts

We're gearing up for our annual family vacation and this year we are heading for the coast and hoping to see some ocean animals! 


Being from the dead middle of the U.S. means that we're all pretty excited about spending some time near the big blue sea.

As we're prepping for our trip, I'm keeping an eye out for some great ocean activities to do while we're there.  And we had some really cute ones that were shared during last week's Discover & Explore Animals linky .

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Ocean Habitat Project: Zones, Sea Animals & Deep Sea Creatures

Create your own ocean zones in a jar to explore habitat, sea animals & deep sea creatures.

We've been enjoying some fun books about the ocean and marine animals this summer.  My kids have always been big fans of sea life.

There are so many wonderful creatures that live in the oceans and did you know that so much of the underwater world is still undiscovered?!

We decided to make our own model of the ocean in order to explore the different ocean layers and the animals that live in these areas.  I've included a detailed tutorial on how we put ours together along with affiliate links to some of the products we used to create our own ocean world.

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Books for Summer Fun

Heading to the beach this summer?  Or maybe you're planning a camp-out?  We've got some great reads for you to take along - explore a picture book, bring a chapter book to read aloud or grab a guide book for ideas on games and activities!

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Preparing for Your Visit to SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium

My family will tell you that I love to plan for visiting new places (they'll actually say I spend more time planning than I do visiting ;).  What can I say, I like to be prepared.  So, I thought I would put together a guide for those of you getting ready to visit SEA LIFE Aquarium in Kansas City.

Take a look at some of these FAQs (frequently asked questions) and tips before your visit!

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Let's Learn about Stingrays

We have been lucky enough to see stingrays at a number of zoos and aquariums over the past few years. 

It seems that many of us are newly fascinated by these beautiful marine animals and willing to get up close and personal with them at touch tanks and through large glass tunnels in aquariums.

But how much do we really know about stingrays? 

They can be very elusive in the wild, tending to hide in the sand and swim in deeper waters.

I was invited to attend a media event last year at a local aquarium and learned quite a bit about stingrays so I thought I would share some of the cool facts & details!


stingray facts for kids

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