15 Best Children's Magazines for Toddlers, Kids & Tweens

15 Best Children's Magazines for Toddlers, Kids & Tweens

When my kids were young, I loved to take them to the library. 

We would search the shelves for our favorite books and attend storytime sessions.

And sometimes we would explore a new area of the library -- which is how we found the children's periodical section on one cold and snowy Tuesday.

It's kind of hidden at our library, tucked back behind the non-fiction books in the corner.  But once you know where to look, there's so much to see!

So on that first day, we checked out a copy of Ladybug Magazine for Kids.  We read the short stories, enjoyed poems, sang songs and challenged ourselves with the puzzles.

And we put the magazine shelf on our weekly list of places to explore!

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Gift Ideas for Book Lovers that Aren't Books

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers that Aren't Books

Got bookworms? Try giving these gift ideas that aren't books!

We have a LOT of books in our house as you might suspect from our numerous kids' book lists!

One of the things I did well as a parent was to raise readers -- I always found a way to tie books with a favorite project, vacation or any interest our kids have had over the years.

But when you have book lovers, you have to make a decision when it comes to gift buying -- either move into a library (we haven't found one for sale yet :)

OR find some book-related gifts they'll love since your bookshelves are already chocked full.

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40 Totally Useful Stocking Stuffers for Preschoolers to Teens

The art of the filling a stocking --- it's a fine balance to be one of Santa's helpers, isn't it?! 

The goal is to turn an empty Christmas stocking into a magical memory for the kids AND not just include a bunch of junk that will break or be tossed aside after a few hours.

Add to that the kids' interests change every year plus there's always that holiday budget to consider ;)

Not to mention, I know we'd all rather be enjoying the holidays with our kids instead of racking our brains for what to tuck in a stocking.

So let's look at some fun but practical stocking stuffers that the kids will LOVE!  We've searched lists and polled kids to find items that are sure to please on Christmas morning!


stocking stuffers for kids and teens

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Creative Gift Ideas that Feed Your Child's Passions

I'm one of those parents that still believes in surprises during the holidays. 

As in, I tell my kids you can make that Christmas list as loooong as you want to but there will be a few things under the tree that you never knew you wanted ;)

Each year, we brainstorm ideas for some unique gift that we can get each of them -- something we just know they would LOVE but that probably didn't make it on their list.

We start by thinking about their current passions and obsessions.  You know how kids get crazy for certain things -- they become nuts over dinosaurs or horses, or all of a sudden they are infatuated with art or building.  We like to find gifts that engage their minds and feed their curious side. 

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Gifting Books as Adventures

A number of years ago, we started a tradition at our house -- giving books for Christmas. 

Each year, our kids get to open one of their gifts early -- oh yea, they love that

When they come home on their first day of holiday break from school, there is a gift waiting for them -- we call it our 'winter break books'.  And one of my favorite things to do with this gift is to turn it into some fun adventures for the kids.

A book is a great gift but pairing a book with an interactive toy, game or experience turns it into an AWESOME gift!

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Gifts that Connect Kids with Nature

The holidays are coming and we want you to be able to spend more time relaxing than shopping. 

Wouldn't that be nice --

feet up,

fire going,

warm cup of tea & a cookie (or two),

Bing crooning "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."

Ahhh.. now that says holidays!

Not a crazy, overcrowded mall ;)

But the shopping has to get done  -- and we all know, it's not really the shopping that takes all the time, it's coming up with the gift list!

In order to help get the gift-giving juices flowing, we have a HUGE list of wonderful gift guides with ideas for kids of all ages.  Each of the guides is organize by age or theme and there are so many ideas! 

This year, our gift ideas focus on connecting kids with nature & the outdoors!

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20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I will admit when I first had kids and started helping Santa with the stockings, I needed to learn a thing or two. 

Like the fact that the kids were MUCH more excited about their stockings that I had anticipated.

There is an art to finding just the right items for the stockings -- fun but useful, engaging but seasonal and something that Mom probably wouldn't give to the kids (let's face it, Santa is waaaay cooler than Mom).

I think the key to a great stocking is one that has a few memorable items that will be treasured for a while along with some fun treats to eat.  So I like to start in November to hunt for some creative items that fit a current hobby or obsession -- and ones that are good and will last well past winter break!


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7 Gift Ideas for Kids that Inspire Creativity

 Not sure what to get the kids (your kids, nieces, nephews or grandkids) this year? 

Skip the electronics and go for a classic gift that will inspire them to be creative

Don't be afraid to veer off their wish list -- kids love surprises and many of these classic items will be played with much more often than some of the toys that are 'hot' this year and will then be pushed aside in a few months. 

Not only will you be giving them a great gift, you'll also be engaging their mind.  I'm including links to some of our affiliates so it's easy to find more details on each of the items. 

And some of these ideas will also work as fun stocking stuffers too!

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