Zoo Scavenger Hunt for Kids {free printable!}

Zoo Scavenger Hunt for Kids {free printable!}

Grab your Zoo Scavenger Hunt and enjoy your next visit with the animals!

Does your family enjoy going to the zoo and watching the animals? 

We love going to observe the animals and see their funny (and interesting) antics and activities. 

This week, we're highlighting ideas for zoo visits including books about zoo animals, interesting animals facts and a free printable scavenger hunt idea for kids too!


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25 Marvelous Math Picture Books for Kids

25 Marvelous Math Picture Books for Kids

Preschool, elementary & middle school kids will LOVE these math picture books that teach early and advanced mathematical concepts!

So here's the issue at our house -- we've got one child who is a math whiz and another who wouldn't mind if math was wiped off the face of the earth.

The one thing they both have in common is neither enjoys any math homework: 

"It's boring, Mom!"

"Yes, I know.  Worksheets aren't always the best way to enjoy math." 

But you still need to do your homework. 

This is how it goes for so many things in life, right.  Practice isn't always as much fun as 'the real thing'!

So since math is important in life, I try to introduce them to non-school, non-worksheet ways to gain a better understanding of math concepts.

As a parent, I have to find ways for them to practice, enjoy it and find it relevant to their life.  Otherwise, I will be forever helping them to figure out if they have enough allowance money to buy the souvenir they want when we're on vacation!

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Fire Safety Activities for Kids: Printables, Books & Skills to Teach

Fire Safety Activities for Kids: Printables, Books & Skills to Teach

Since October is Fire Prevention Month, I thought we'd share some fun activities for kids to learn about fire safety.

It's important to teach children these life skills and help them be aware of who in their community can help them & keep them safe.

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12 Perfect Pumpkin Books for Kids

A dozen pumpkin books for kids that are perfect for Fall!

Every Fall, we love to look at beautiful leaves, enjoy the cool weather and read books about PUMPKINS!

The pumpkin patches in our area open this week and like many families, my kids are excited to hunt down the perfect orange orb. 

And today's Discover & Explore linky will feature all kinds of pumpkin fun!

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15 Play & Learning Ideas: Science Exploration Activities

15 Play & Learning Ideas: Science Exploration Activities

Inspire your kids to explore science with these play & learning ideas and activities!

If you've ever watch children play, you can see how much fun they have pretending. 

Sometimes they are building social skills or practicing their communication and launguage skills. And other times, they are exploring new areas of the world such as science.

Quite a few pretend play activities also lead to science exploration and discovery.  You'll notice kids asking questions such as "why?" and "how?" as they engage in various activities. 

Many times, children don't realize that they are learning about chemistry and physics while they have fun.  And play like this will continue to enhance a child's curiosity as they explore new things.

And don't think pretend play is JUST for preschool kids -- children ages 2 - 12 LOVE to engage in various play activities like these!

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15 Fabulous Books about Forest Animals

The kids and I have always loved forest animals -- probably because we live in the middle of the plains ;) 

So seeing a moose doesn't happen so often in our area.

But when we head out on vacation -- trips to the Rocky Mountains or hikes through the Black Hills of South Dakota -- we spend time seeking out and observing the amazing wildlife in the forest!

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Books about Trains, Boats, Planes and Things that Go

Today our Discover & Explore topic is Things that Go! 

This is always a favorite topic for young kids -- cars, planes, boats, trains -- anything they can ride, drive or fly.  It's always fun to take kids on a new adventure whether it's their first train ride, flight on a plane or boat tour. 

Our kids just loved our first real train ride -- we took Amtrak to a small town about an hour and a half away from our house.  Just enough to enjoy the experience of riding the rails.  It was so great to be able to do things as a family on the train.  We visited the dining car for a snack, played a game while in our seats and (of course) had a round of "I Spy" out the window.  Since no one had to drive, it truly was family time!

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Items that Help Improve Fine Motor Skills


When my kids were young, they had no issues with their fine motor skill development.  I attribute it to the fact that they loved Cheerios and were always playing tug-of-war with the dog :)

But once they hit elementary school, they both began to have issues with their printing and writing.  I always thought that fine motor skill development was important when kids were younger but I never realized it was a skill they would need to work on after preschool.

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Great Nature Activities for Your Spring Bucket List

After a long winter, kids love to get outside and stretch their legs! 

Let them get their hands muddy, get their feet wet and discover what happens to nature in the spring.

It's a wonderful time to learn about animal and plant life cycles along with the fun changes of the season.

And it's a great time to make a Spring Bucket List -- what do you want to do with the kids this Spring? 

How will you enjoy the season together?

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Fine Motor Skills: Rainbow Rice in a Jar

Today's activity is perfect for working on those fine motor skills as kids build their own rainbow in a jar!

It's both a skill development exercise and a fun way to craft and decorate for Spring.

We wanted to go colorful and hope to bring the luck of the Irish to you as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day and rainbows.

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10 Map, Geography & Culture Activities for Kids

I love to explore the world with my kids! 

There's something very eye-opening about learning how other people live and seeing the beautiful places around the globe.

And even though we love to travel, most of our foreign explorations happen right in our own home.

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Children's Books about Countries Around the World

There are a lot of fun ways to introduce kids to geography and different cultures. 

We love to use maps with different activities to explore the world.  Having a map in your home is an inexpensive but excellent learning tool!

We also love reading books that introduce us to different places across the globe.

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8 Unique Ways to Play & Create with Books

When is a book not a book?

When it's an inspiration for a really awesome activity!

As I was browsing through the Discover & Explore linky from last week, I was blown away by some of the great ideas that were inspired by kids books.

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9 Colorful Ways to Learn Math

I remember the first time my daughter had to do a math worksheet at school -- she's a rainbow kind of girl so a black-and-white worksheet full of numbers was just not her style.

Sooo... she decided to use a different color crayon for each of the problems on the worksheet :)  "When life hands you lemons, make it colorful" is her motto!

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Olympic Themed Activities that get Kids Moving


Watching the Olympics can be a great family activity!  Kids will rarely see sports such as ski jumping, luge and biathalon unless it's during the Winter Games.

The athletes make it look so easy as they compete -- they've had a lot of practice in perfecting their sport.  But it's hard to decribe to the kids how much skill goes into become such a great athlete. 

One of the best ways for them to understand the skill and dedication needed is to introduce kids to some hands-on activities where they can practice and learn about Olympic events.

And there were some wonderful ideas for Olympic-themed activities that get kids up and moving shared during last week's Discover & Explore linky!

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