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Quick & Easy Fundraising Activity for Schools

If you have kids in school, I'm sure you know school fundraisers are a big deal!

The goal, of course, is to find a quick & easy fundraising activity that doesn't take a lot of time for families to do and in my opinion, should allow the kids to get involved in fundraising efforts without having them go door-to-door.

We're always look for more practical fundraisers because honestly, how much frozen cookie dough can you really keep in the freezer?!

Since we're not crazy over the idea of selling items, we love to support our schools through the Box Tops for Education™ program  -- it's super quick, really easy and I'm going to show you a few secrets on how to double & triple the value of the Box Tops for your school this year!

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Recycle End of Year School Supplies for Back to School

Have your kids started their countdown for the last day of school yet?

The clock is quickly ticking away at our house!

And I adore that last day of school -- all the excitement about summer, the hugs for the teachers, our special end of school traditions and the kids knowing they are "one year older" in school years ;)

But I do dread all the end of the school year stuff that comes home with them -- stuffed in an "I-just-couldn't-get-it-zipped" backpack and overflowing brown paper bag.

They run into the house carrying that huge lot -- their whole desk or locker just dumped in it (UGH!) -- and it just spills out on the floor, quickly forgotten.  

So before they ditch their school supplies and reach for their bathing suits, have them follow these quick & easy steps that will save you time & money come Fall!! 

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Getting into a School Day Routine

Do you know what my most favorite part of summer is -- no routines!  I really love that we don't have to stick to a schedule and can just operate day-by-day.

But once school begins, our house really needs that regular daily schedule to keep away the chaos. And I'll be honest, the routine looks different each year.  As the kids grow, you'll find what works best for your family and schedule. 

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Back to School Shopping - SIMPLIFIED!

We'd like to thank Walmart for sponsoring this post and supplying parents with a great new option for back to school shopping.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last year, back to school shopping for us was insane!  We usually head out a few weeks before school begins to get our supplies but since we decided to take a late vacation (to Rocky Mountain National Park - it was AMAZING!) we were pressed for time.

Once we returned, there was less than a week to get all the school supplies we needed. 

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5 Must-do's Before Halloween Night

Wonder what you should do before Halloween to be able to enjoy a hassle-free holiday?

Halloween seems to always sneak up on me --

Are the costumes ready? 

Do we have enough candy? 

What's the plan for trick or treating?

But you really want to be able to enjoy the night with the kids -- I mean, they'll only want to dress up and head out with Mom & Dad for a few years, right?! 

So here's a quick checklist to get you ready for fun that big night!

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