12 Classic Easter Books & Movies for Kids

12 Classic Easter Books & Movies for Kids

Enjoy these classic children's Easter books and movies with your family this year!One of my favorite things about reading with my kids is sharing books that I loved as a child. I especially enjoy reminiscing with Easter books - they al...
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It’s not about Creating Perfect, It’s about Creating Memories

  I learned a long time ago that the memories our kids have of the holidays are not those picture perfect ideals that you see in magazines and movies.  In fact, some of their fondest memories of Christmases past are ones...
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6 Retro Games for Your Backyard

Summer is a great time to introduce your kids to some amazing Retro games for the backyard!You know, the way WE use to entertain ourselves when we were young (before the word 'game' was synonomous with video console)! Think about what ...
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Handwritten Memories in this Age of Technology

  Have you ever done something brilliant (I mean absolutely amazing!) but you just didn't realize it until years later? I recently had one of those moments last month but it didn't start as happy as it ended....
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5 Things I Want My Kids to Love (and Learn) in November

  I love the month of November!    I know that most kids think it’s just the time between Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season, but for me it’s a great time to be thankful for a number of things.  &n...
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"When Did They Get So Big" Moments

So, what was it for you? Which moment caused you to stop and say "Where did the time go?" or "I can’t believe that they’ve grown so quickly!" Sometimes it’s those big moments – their first steps, the first day of Kindergarten or...
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