Book to Movie Discussion Guide


Some movies that originated from books include a back-story (more information about the characters and plot than were included in the book), such as "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". 

Other movies include expanded elements within the original story, such as the "Polar Express", where the movie producer is able to add additional characters or themes within the original book’s plot or story. 

And, most commonly, many movies that are produced from books are not able to include all the elements of the story that were originally published.  Some of the most popular of these types would be the "Harry Potter" series, where key elements of the book can’t be included in the movies because it would make the films too long for viewing at the theaters. 

No matter what type of movie you decide to see, here’s a discussion guide that will fit them all.


Discussion Questions:

1.  What are some parts of the book that were not included in the movie? 

Why do you think the director or producer (the person/people who made the movie) decided to leave these parts out?

2. Were there any parts of the movie that weren’t included in the original (book) story?  Why do you think they were added to the movie? 

Did you like that these were added – how did they enhance the story?

3. What parts of the book could have been expanded on in the movie but were not? 

Why do you think they should have been included?

4. What was your favorite part of the book? 

When you were reading that part of the book, did you imagine it would look like it did in the movie?

5Did the movie end the same way as the book? Some do and others don’t – why do you think this happens? 

Do you think the producer wants to continue the story in another movie (a sequel)?


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