10 Things to do When the Kids have Cabin Fever

Winter is here and that means more time inside -- which usually means the kids don't get nearly as much exercise as they really need.  I don't know about you but 'jumping on the couch' can't be the only option in our house (I would need to replace the couch each year if that were the case!)

Luckily, there were some super helpful activities shared at last week's Discover & Explore Indoor Activities so we'll all be prepared for the next bad weather day :) 


 10 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

10 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

Craftulate shared a Paper Web for the kids to wiggle the way through!

Have the kids jump their way across a color and shape river with this fun activity from Dirt & Boogers.

Teach Preschool reminds us that kids love games like Musical Chairs and Tape Walks for indoor fun.

And I LOVE this idea from Gift of Curiosity -- have an indoor snowball fight!

Powerful Mothering shows us how to use empty containers to create an indoor bowling game for the kids.

Green Owl Art showed us that creating a game of indoor hopscotch can be done with a floor & roll of tape.

And wait until you see what J is for Josiah came up with -- make your own snow!  Such a fun idea if you live in an area that's a little too warm for flurries.

If you're looking for some quiet activities the kids will enjoy, try a few of these:

Create a weaving loom from Buggy & Buddy

Enjoy a cooking session with the kids

Host an indoor camp-out with s'mores, flashlight reading and a make-your-own-tent using blankets & chairs


And if all else fails, let the kids jump on the couch or the bed for a while -- they'll think you're the coolest parent in the neighborhood!


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