The ABC's of Family Field Trips: Universities, Volunteering & Online Resources

This is the final post in our 5-part series of The ABC's of Family Field Trips. 

If you missed the first posts in our series, you can review the tips, resources and ideas that were shared for family outings:

{Part 1}  Getting Ready, Using Books & Exploring

{Part 2}  Fun, Inspiriation & Hands-on Ideas

{Part 3}  Learning, New Places & Outdoor Fun

{Part 4}  Pretend Play, Reading, Science & Tours

Since we're covering topics from A to Z, our final post will highlight tips for U - Z.

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The ABC's of Family Field Trips: Learning, New Places & Outdoor Fun

Welcome to Part 3 of our Family Field Trip series!

So far, we've shared a number of ideas & tips along with more than 35 fun places to visit for a family outing!

Here are the first two posts in the series:

{Part 1} Getting Ready, Exploring & Fun Field Trips

{Part 2} Having Fun, Inspiration & Hands-on Ideas

And we've still got lots more to cover!  This post will highlight the letters K - 0 as we discuss learning, new places & outdoor fun.

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The ABC's of Family Field Trips: Fun & Games, Inspire Learning & Hands-on Ideas


Welcome back! 

Today is Day 2 in our week-long series:  The ABC's of Family Field Trips.

During the first day, we shared tips for getting ready, ways to use books, exploring on your visit and 24 ideas of places to take the kids

Today we'll focus on topics and outings for F - J.

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The ABC's of Family Field Trips: Tips, Resources & 50+ Ideas for Where to Go


I'm so excited to introduce a new series this week --

The ABC's of Family Field Trips!


This will be a 5 day series covering all kinds of tips and ideas for those fun family outings you want to plan this year. 

I really want to help you get prepared for some great family trips this year by offering resources to help get you ready, along with new ideas for some cool places to visit!

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