Dr. Seuss Activities: Wacky Wednesday Ideas, Zoo Game & Idioms

Dr. Seuss Activities: Wacky Wednesday Ideas, Zoo Game & Idioms

Enjoy these Dr. Seuss activities that include Wacky Wednesday ideas, a Create Your Own Zoo Game and learning about idioms.

Earlier this month, we shared some fun facts and resources about Dr. Seuss

Being such a fan of Seuss books, I had a difficult time choosing only one for this post.  In fact, on our library visit this week, I found a newly published story that I never read as a child which was a treat!

So explore some fun ways to turn these awesome Dr. Seuss books into hands-on activities.  Plus, you'll find 165 more activities that pair with Dr. Seuss books!

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Tree Activities for Kids: Animal Habitats, Tree Types & Nature Facts

Tree Activities for Kids: Animal Habitats, Tree Types & Nature Facts

I know that Fall inspires some popular tree activities for kids -- creating leaf rubbings, watching the leaves change color and heading out on a leaf hunt.

But if we look a little deeper, we'll also find that trees play a crucial role to many of our neighborhood animal friends.  So today, let's head outside and be nature detectives as we look at the lives of trees!

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10 Books for a Day at the Beach or Lake

10 Books for a Day at the Beach or Lake

Wonderful books about the beach and lake that are perfect for that summer reading list!

There are SO many things to do at the beach! 

Have you tried any of these Science at the Beach activities?

But a day on the sand or at the lake can tire out even the most active of kids so be sure to bring along a few books for the trip. 

Or better yet, take them in the car for some before-beach fun.   

Kids can learn a TON while digging in the sand or floating on the water and these books will inspire them to explore items they may find and enjoy some downtime on the blanket.

Which means some downtime for you too -- so don't forget to take along a book for yourself ;)

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Freight Train Color Matching Activity for Kids


We're back with the Online Book Club for Kids -- this month's featured author is Donald Crews.

Some of our favorite books from Donald Crews include his transporation stories - with vibrant colors and simple text, kids love to learn about the various ways we get around in the world.

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Teaching Kids to Be Unique

Welcome to our April Online Book Club for Kids.  Each month, we choose a different children's author, highlight their books and share a number of kids activities & crafts.

This month, our featured author & illustrator is David Shannon.

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Creating a Book Chain: Linking Books for Kids

Welcome to our March Online Book Club for Kids!

This month, we explore the wonderfully imaginative books of Julia Donaldson. 

Each month, our group of 40+ book-loving bloggers chooses an author and highlights some fun projects, crafts and activities that match up with their books.  The book club is a great way to find fun extension activities that will get the kids more excited about reading and books!

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Dr. Seuss Activities, Facts & Resources

March is a big month for The Cat in the Hat and Dr. Seuss activities with many book & reading celebrations at schools and libraries across the country.

If you have kids (or remember being a child) than you are very familiar with The Cat in the Hat -- one of the most well-known and loved Dr. Seuss characters.

I mean who doesn't hope for The Cat to stop by on a day when you have to clean for your Mother, right?!

Today we're highlighting the works of Dr. Seuss and celebrate reading in a some really creative ways with games, activities & more!

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The Wonderful Stories of Jan Brett

It's time for our Kid's Virtual Bookclub again -- and December's featured author will be the AMAZING Jan Brett!

I'm sure you're familiar with at least one of her many books.  She has authored and illustrated more than 30 beautiful stories, and many of them are holiday and winter books.  So it was the perfect time of the year to feature her work.

I'm telling you, it is going to be hard to choose just one book this month :-)  There are so many that we love!  And in addition, Jan has a wonderful website with activities, games and printables to go along with many of her stories.  I'll share a few of them below along with affiliate links for our favorite books too.

As you read these books, pay close attention to the side drawings -- there are clues to what may happen in the story, and sometimes a side story is illustrated. 

I think it's one of the best things about Brett's books.

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Kids November Book Club: Tomie dePaola



Next week, we will feature some fun activities, crafts and cool ideas for the monthly Online Kids Book Club. 


If you missed last month's feature, you can still learn about the Family Conversation Jar and October's author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

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Fun Family Conversations

Welcome to the October Online Book Club for Kids!


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Online October Book Club



It's time to choose your book for the Virtual October Book Club! 

You can learn more about our Online Book Club for Kids or visit our September book and activity for more fun ideas!  You can also connect with us on Facebook at the Virtual Book Club for Kids!

Our author this month is Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  She describes herself as "a person who likes to make things".  To learn more about some of Amy's great books, visit her YouTube channel to see some fun videos.

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