Love this easy craft idea for Mother's Day or Teacher Appreciation Day -- preschoolers, elementary kids & teens can create a one-of-a-kind gift with this quick tutorial!

Do you know what I love about today’s painting project for kids? 

It doesn’t require perfection or detail or really any focus. 

It's very open-ended and so creative -- plus down-right beautiful too!

And it's the perfect idea for Mother's Day or as a Teacher Appreciation gift at the end of the year -- it will brighten up any yard or room!


DIY Craft Idea for Mothers Day or Teacher Appreciation Day

Craft for Kids: Mothers Day or Teacher Appreciation Gift

My daughter wanted to paint a pot for her flowers but she wanted a ‘rainbow pot’.  Luckily, I had seen this awesome idea for a Rainbow Pour Pot from Dilly-Dali Art

Be sure to read all the details at Dilly-Dali Art – she has a great tutorial for prepping and creating the pour pots.

Unfortunately, we aren’t always patient enough to follow a full tutorial (ah, life with kids!) but the ability to create a beautiful item from a messy process is what we love about this project!

Ours are really more of a 'squeeze' pot than a pour pot -- we didn't really pour the paint as you can see in the photos.


Craft Supplies for Painted Pots:

Here's what you need for each one:

First, choose what paint colors you'd like to use.  

We chose Acrylics Brights (Neon) Paints and used five different colors.  We decided to use the darker colors first and then cover those with the lighter colors.  I'm sure you can do it either way (lighter colors first would work too).



Cover your work area with newsprint, put down wax paper where you'll paint the pot and then cover your kids with a smock or old shirt :)

Turn a clay pot (that's clean and dry) so it’s bottom-side up on the sheet of wax paper.  The wax paper will allow the paint to dry and then come off clean so there's no newsprint stuck to your pot.

Then squeeze the paint around the edge of the pot so it drips down the side.


Easy Craft Ideas for Kids: painting pots for Mothers Day gift

Painting Process:

We poured the colors one right after the other – don’t let them dry between coats. 

And you can see we didn't care if we covered the whole pot.  We liked the look of some of the terra cotta showing through when it was finished.


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DIY craft idea for teacher appreciation week or Mother's day

Let the pot dry over night and then remove it from the wax paper. 

It should easily peel off but if the paint sticks, use a knife to trim around the edge of the pot.

  Easy Craft Ideas for Kids - rainbow painted pots for Mothers Day or teacher gift

Pretty, isn’t it?!

I love the blend of colors on the pot -- so bright!

Each pot has it's own unique look so your kids will easily be able to tell theirs apart from the others -- makes a very unique & personal gift for Mom or a favorite teacher!

These were smaller pots and we used about 1/4 of each of the 6 oz. bottles of Acrylics Brights (Neon) Paints on one pot.


Flower Pot crafts - easy kids idea for Mothers Day or Teacher gift

And what a gorgeous pot for beautiful flowers!

If you're making one for Mom, you can also pair it with one of these favorite books for Mother's Day.

Plus it's such a super quick & easy project that kids of all ages would enjoy (even teens).

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Wonderful DIY gift idea for teacher appreciation or Mother's Day