12 Family Resolutions for 2012

How would you like to make a resolution that you know you’ll keep this year?  How about 12? 

I know what you’re thinking, sometimes it’s impossible to keep one resolution, much less 12 - but here’s the plan:  one resolution each month that will help families to become more connected, creative and healthy.  

Each month, we’ll share ideas, book lists, activities and places to visit based on that month’s resolution.   You decide which ones will most benefit your kids and family – you can choose one or all of them!  And we’ll remind you of the topics each month in our newsletter and through Facebook posts.

Here’s the 12 resolutions – we’ll be asking our readers to send in their best ideas and comments so let us know what you think. 

And we’d like to wish each of you a very Happy & Healthy 2012!

Help Kids Explore the World (January) – learn about other cultures, geography and current events

Create a More Kid-Friendly Home (February) – small changes that have big impacts

Be Environmentally-Friendly (March) – easy ways to get kids involved in recycling, reducing & reusing

Learn Money Smarts
(April) – you may think your kids are too young to learn about money, but they’re not!

Get Unplugged & Get Outdoors
(May) – how to trade screen time for sun time

Read With Kids (June) great ways to encourage reading in your home

Raise a Proud American (July) – helping kids learn about our country, our freedoms and the people who protect us

Encourage Positive Thinking (August) – keeping kids upbeat and sharing ways to identify their strengths

Create Down-time (September) – why NOT having something on the schedule is a good thing

Cultivate  Collections (October) – Kids want to collect the weirdest things but you’ll be surprised at how educational this can be!

Give to Others (November) – teaching kids how to be conscious of the needs of others & introducing way they can help

Pass Along Traditions (December) – sharing the stories and traditions of who we are and where we came from

Challenge Your Family This Year
Give Yourself a Gift - 1 Hour in Nature