Free Days at National Parks in 2017

Free Days at National Parks in 2017

Woohoo!  The U.S. National Park Service has announced their FREE entrance days for all National Parks in 2017!

One of the big family travel trends for this coming year is nature-focused vacations -- unplug, recharge and enjoy being together.  We are HUGE fans of the National Park system and try to visit at least one park or historic site every year (most years, we hit 2 or 3 of them).

They are amazing places, perfect for weekend outings or family vacations and a great way for families unplug get re-connected with nature.

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20 Outdoor Activities & Games to Play at the Park

20 Outdoor Activities & Games to Play at the Park

It's May again and that means we're celebrating Kids to Parks Day with a whole slew of AWESOME ideas for games to play & fun activities to do at the parks!

Be sure to visit last year's idea list of 30 Fun Games to Play at the Park for more ways to explore this summer.

And this year is extra special since it's also the 100th Anniversary of the National Park system. 


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The Best National Park Adventures for Kids

This weekend, we're celebrating Kids to Parks Day on May 16th!

It's a day to visit your favorite park or your kids' favorite park or ever a park you've been wanting to visit and haven't had the chance to yet.

The goal is to get the kids outside & connected with their local, state and national park resources.

You'll find some outstanding Family Resources along with events in your area at the National Park Trust website.


If you visit our blog frequently, you'll know that we are BIG fans of getting kids outside :)

Our first post featuring Kids to Parks Day focused on 30 Games & Activities to Play at the Park.

Today, I thought we would share some of the secrets about the awesome kids programs at our National Parks.

Yep, secrets!! 



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30 Games & Activities to Play at the Park

Did you know that there's a special kids' day coming in May?

Yep -- it's not just the month for Moms but also the month for celebrating at the park!

May 16th is Kids to Parks Day!

It's actually the 5th year of this awesome celebration and part of the National Park Trust's goal to get kids outside more often!

And you know how much we LOVE getting outdoors and exploring so we're helping them to celebrate.

Today we're sharing some fun games & activities that are perfect for your next park visit.  Then later in May, we'll be highlighting some of the awesome experiences your family can have during a park visit.

And BONUS -- we have a super giveaway for some park gear too!

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Family Fun in the Black Hills of South Dakota


Our summer travels took us to a whole new area of the country for our family – the Black Hills of South Dakota!

After our wonderful trip to Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park last summer, we decided that we wanted another ‘back to nature’ vacation.

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